Wednesday, February 27, 2013


('Rangoli' - drawing on the floor done with rice powder and colours, done by me)

Doused in a vivid demeanor
Germinates a promise
To walk together
Through Meandering phases
Of juxtaposed emotions
To reveal
A graph peaking after every slide
So akin to the Creator
Reflects an introspection
Naughty! To say in jest about Him
Pushing souls in a quandary
Ravaging, at times
Reducing to, sobriety,
The lowest in the ladder of hope
Pick up the strands again
Paint myriad hues from pale shades
Discovering ‘I, You and We’
Resting on a fine balance of love
Called Home.

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  1. To walk together
    Through Meandering phases

    I love this imaginary and the great use of the words. Well done

  2. I was going to mention the same lines that Rosemary mentioned. The last two lines definitely draw the poem together in a strong way.

  3. I find this intriguing... especially the last 2 lines.

  4. The line that really got to me was "The lowest in the ladder of hope." So many layers in this powerful, textured poem.

  5. Pushing souls to a quandary... STRONG line and image.

  6. Life has a way of falling into've beautifully weaved those words into this beautiful piece. Great job!

  7. Beautifully arranged words.

  8. I have nominated you for the liebster :) do check out this link

  9. I specially like the last 3 lines ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  10. very nice. I love your word choices, really a fine job making these choices seem so subtle, I try to do that myself, really nice job and the bolded in here was a really nice touch


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