Sunday, December 15, 2013


(Clicked from my bedroom window, lights put in the balcony of friend's house right opposite ours. Well hence, the title) 

A little glow
For the palms, to rub together
Assimilating the warmth within
When enveloped
By a cold breeze spreading its wings
Around the milieu

A little glow
Looking over the door-
An aura of hope
Scaring night’s shadows
Sealing their stealthy entrances
Outstretched arms emanate
An invite for a loving embrace
Of the soul to soothe, heal
Promising tenderness
Beholding love and life

A little glow
Reaches out of its bounds
Taking into its fold
Those who seek light and glow worms

Poetics – Candles & Lights. the last prompt from dverse for this year. Wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy, prosperous, safe new year.


  1. We all can use 'a little glow' this darkest time of year for sure. Especially one which brings an aura of hope! Smiles.

  2. i like the feel of the end, as if the light were waiting on us to seek it so that it could make itself known....

  3. A little glow makes a big difference :-)

  4. Glow worm give this poem a lilt.. nice

  5. Everyone can use a little glow. Nice one, Akila!

  6. That little glow to light a failing ember
    is enough to make us love remember

    Love the glow

  7. Taking into its fold
    Those who seek light
    and glow worms

    Reminiscent of the saying that there is 'light at the end of the tunnel'. That is true! One will be rewarded if one seeks. Good write Akila!


  8. Very sweet and a lovely idea for the prompt. K.

  9. Light is there we just need to find at our lair

  10. Isn't funny how things can be seen differently viewed from another perspective..warming..are you going to show your friends the photo? It would be interesting to know if they change the lights!

  11. nice...i always think it is so inviting if someone puts up lights...changes the whole atmosphere of a house or even a whole city with all the christmas lights at this time of year

  12. I love the repetition of the first line of the stanzas. It It actually leaves a little glow.

  13. Glowing light does scare those shadows away. Nicely done Akila.

  14. A little glow ... so sweet. And how creative to garner those thoughts from your neighbor's lights :)

  15. sweet.. and i like the feeling in the end..


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