Friday, December 13, 2013

CONVERSATIONS (if I may call them)

Unheard spoken trail of words
Often leading to unfinished thoughts
Collated, yet, inconclusive -
Delayed decisions? Perhaps?
(I am exaggerating)

‘Perhaps’ -When I think about it
Comparing today and our yesterdays
Now when we are three formed of us two
Bound by incessant doses of innocence
Her tinkling bells of laughter (I often quote)
Giggling notes of something out of nothing
Dialogues, lost in her clamor, are named Arguments!
(Silly! to think of them like that)
“We aren't” We tell her trying to state it
As THE FACT – (we do go up the scale to be heard!)
And yet, when our home falls into a silent house
Tucked into a cozy sleep – bliss! - It is
Midst a collage of smiles, and tears that never flow
Watching her unfinished thoughts tumble out
Unaware of our own escaping into time
Other ‘little’ things would find a way
To fall in place for you, me and us!

Don’t you think we know a bit better of each other now!?!

Meeting the Bar ~ Hearth, Home and Common Speech 

(My mother tongue is Tamil, our national language is Hindi. Besides, I know a bit of two other regional Ianguages as well. I do write in Hindi, rarely though, but haven't mastered the art of reading and writing the regional languages that I speak. Well, perhaps the multi - lingual effects of being an 'INDIAN') I have taken down my thoughts that spin in English)


  1. giggling something out of nothing...ha...i like that..and the collage of smiles...sounds like you enjoy a nice relationship with you mom...

  2. A lovely collage of a happy home and the giggling, how important the little ones who bring us joy.
    Anna :o]

  3. I enjoyed this, Akila. You are very lucky to know a few different languages well. (Including English!) We all escape a bit into time, don't we? And ah, those unfinished thoughts!

  4. i can imagine how wonderful and also how challenging it can be at times when there are different languages spoken in a home... i have some friends that do that... sounds like your home is a joyful place...smiles

  5. I like it - it is like me chasing my daughter's thought process :)

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely home full of bliss and laughter and sweet dreams when all asleep :)

  7. My you always know that bliss, Akila...and on the days where it's hidden behind the clouds, have hope. Family takes a lot of work and compromise.

  8. I enjoyed the glimpse into your household, particularly the image of the collage, Akila!

  9. I can somewhat recall those days of you and me and baby makes three...not much time until another made four so...not as well documented when you have two babies but I like the gurgle and the babble and the fun just making noises and not really needing words. Sounds lovely and made me a bit nostalgic. Thank you!

  10. Dialogues, arguments, exaggerated comments - as long as there is love and understanding, all parties will understand each other ~ Hope you have a lovely holiday season Akila ~ Cheers ~


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