Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LOST! - time moves on

Tingling bells of laughter
At little instances springing up
Now coy, I move farther

Drooling squeals would capture
Souls acknowledging more than (just a second) cup
Now shy, I move farther

Desires knew no priorities as master
Between two blinks, wanting doll and a pup
Now (believed to have) grown, I move farther

Draped colourful, miss/match, never gave a bother
Logic and reason met with a drub
Now learnt to listen, I move farther

Cheering to clap, clapping to cheer after
A recall – memory had not, yet, tuned to dump
Now fearing amnesia, I move farther

Jumping shores with changing chapters
Moments re-define to play, rewind, and dub
A new face for a new phase growing vaster
With every strand of hair turning grey faster

For Verse First ~ Lost Art - A first draft, a rough sketch of my thoughts.


  1. Nicely done! One forgets the prompt while reading and enters the wonder of the moving and moving, not even thinking of losses until the very end.

  2. The steps of growing up, spiritual growth ~ very thoughtful.

  3. oh, nice one, the loss awaiting us all.

  4. Time moves on with us..and if we are are lucky it is pretty as bells..

  5. An enjoyable journey through growth......playful, even with the addition of gray hair! Cool.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the enjoyable journey of life..:-)

  7. Life goes through so many stages doesnt it? An enjoyable journey of memories

  8. You wrote this really well. I found the 2x rhyme very difficult to master, myself.

  9. this takes quite a journey to loss.


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