Thursday, November 14, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS (playing with american sentences)

#1 - Nocturnal crooning sleepy melodies, breaks the silence of the night
#2 – Somnolent eyes evoke forgotten dreams, Jekyll sleeps and Hyde rises.

#3-In rhythmic chugs to destination, the train breaks the cold silence of hearts.
#4 - Daughter smiles, dissent melts, sun peeps out of cold shadows, welcomes me home.

#5 – Adults in gross dialogues, tick the clock as candid conversations
#6 – Closing the ears stimulates the child’s hearing capability.

Meeting the Bar: American Sentences with Gay

I have clubbed two lines as they seemed to stand alone and also synchronize.


  1. ha.yes it does seem to help them hear.
    i would love to travel by train as well.

    hey, you got your wish, and got to see more of them. smiles.

  2. Very interesting. I like these a lot! Well done. :-)

  3. I especially like the train one. Great imagery in all these :)

  4. Each has been given thought and consideration; I like them as couplets - the hiatus between the two is easily filled in by the mind - the point of good poetry, I think. Excellent work, thank you.

  5. I specially like the 4th one, the welcoming smiles are the best ~

  6. I like #4 too. Daughter smiles always bring joy!

  7. oh nice....the train has such a soothing rhythm.... we used to travel a lot by train when i was a kid - and til today it is something so special and comforting for it...

  8. Nice American sentences! My favorites are #2 and #4.

  9. Love your last one, smile - is everything! :)x

  10. Oh, they are all so fresh and unexpected! (With a unique, Akila flavour.) I like the way you've paired them, too.

  11. You wrote these so well, Akila! I enjoyed them!

  12. Like Gay, I want to say 'thank you' as well.
    These combinations are really enchanting. Little scenes to be expanded I would have thought.


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