Sunday, November 17, 2013


Like the stars
Not just naked to eyes, keen
to decipher the purpose of existence
dissecting the particulate
for compositions, hopeful
of beating the evolution humdrum and
pursuing insanity in finding permanency

Like the stars
Not just naked to eyes, keen
Yet shut in oblivion
Of the core burning to disseminate
Thereby, growing
To glow and fade away
To end
To begin
All over again

 Some random thoughts for:

Poetics – Sci-Fi Poetre where Bjorn tends the bar. I am last but not late J


  1. They may seem random to you, but not to me, the reader.
    The thoughts these stars and there existence give to me as of eternal life, or the possibility of it.
    You may not even realize yourslef what you've written here and how good it is. Dictation from the gods? Who knows.
    Your work often surprise me. Startles me even.

  2. nice...really cool capture of the cycle...and in recognizing them, like we recognize that in nature as well...they can teach us how to live as well...

  3. The cycle of life is very much evident in space ~ To end, to begin all over again ~ Good one Akila ~

  4. pursuing insanity in finding permanency:)..nice!!

  5. Very nicely done. Glad I didn't miss it!


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