Sunday, November 3, 2013


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She waited.

It was nothing new for her.

Her patience and perseverance had always been put to test. She performed.           

It was nothing new for her.

That is the best she could do; she believed so, leaving the rest to her belief in divine and destiny. She would then pick the strands again, knit them, spin herself into the new knots and carry on with life and living.

It was nothing new for her.

Life and living held two different dimensions for her, often visited during monotonies of waiting sessions. She pondered over the Little Instances Full of Energy, Leaving Individuals with Fathomless Experiences - a co-existence, juxtaposed with philosophies and ideologies, preached and advised, one and only thing that perhaps, came for free in this otherwise mercenary world; the other was about collating the snippets springing from unknown corners, collaged to frame experiences.

But, today was new.

Her wait was different, unlike the week that passed by.

Grief is best understood by the grieving especially when every second makes its ominous presence while darting to escape into a hope that would flip the pages painting, yet again, bright and sunny. Hope is all one seeks to resurrect living and reflect on life.

She waited to inhale hope, effervescent with medicated odours and an eerie silence silhouetting the general ward in the hospital.

Today was new as she dared the stamp of an educated society with her ‘certified’ illiteracy by stepping out of ‘hypocrite societal boundaries hailed ‘sacrosanct’ to demean women but for their lascivious pursuits.

Today was new as she refused to be trampled by definitions of fate imposed on her reducing her existence into a living corpse.

She waited with a candle in hand, warding away the daylight shadows as her twenty year old tucked at her sari. The police were waiting. She held her child’s trembling hand to point out to the handcuffed fellow confirming him as the accused of…. The little girl trembled. The police completed their formalities and the Doctor signed the girl’s discharge certificate.

It was far from over and yet, it was a beginning of which she had no assessment. Today was new.

She made her daughter hold the candle, whispering a strong resolve “Happy Diwali dear” and together they marched out of the stony spectacle of silences.
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  1. Loved the double acronym of LIFE. Would love to get feedback on newbie's attempt at

  2. Hope is all one seeks to resurrect living - Loved your climax and philosophical take on the prompt.

  3. An optimistic take. Apt for the theme. Brilliant work

  4. A mix of philisophy , inspiration and courage....Nice

    All the best for BATOM


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