Sunday, November 3, 2013


Rhythmic creak
Cradle in attic hibernates~
Wakes up sepia(d) memory.
It is our festival Deepavali today and in a family get  together the sight of a swing took me back to some of my childhood memories. Was not sure of posting this one. Have attempted in a not - so - perfect Haiku, if it can be called one. 
Thank you Claudia!
Poetics– taking a ride on the color wheel

An edited version:

cradle in attic-
sepia memories awaken
in rhythmic creaks.


  1. psshhh....first a little secret... even though i'm kinda grown, if i see a swing...i cannot resist to get on it...smiles... need to google what the deepavali festival exactly is...glad you joined in... happy sunday..

  2. nice...just learned a bit about the background of deepavali and that it is the festival of lights with all the lanterns...very nice.... have fun, celebrating...

  3. leave this open to interpret how we could be the empty cradle represents a sadness at what is gone...or it could be a happy memory as well...

  4. I like that sepia memories ~ Have fun in your festival ~

  5. that's beautiful! i second what Brain said..and that's what's so good about this one!

  6. Oh you took me back to my childhood with this one...lovely, Akila. And hope you enjoy a wonderful Deepavali.


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