Friday, October 25, 2013


Ah! Those desires! rolled into one
Hibernated ball, known to none
Evoking a tickle
of ephemeral moments of fickle
formations, of dreams spun

birthing fleeting joyous seconds, shun,
Shut (cocooned) dusted and done
as wishful definitions of a string-less wriggle
Ah! Those desires!

Transmuting an insouciant run
Into a velocity, crashing into a ton
of emotions packed within, shedding nickel
falsies to break-free the knuckle
Bending at will to break, heckle
the mundane into a journey once begun
Ah! Those desires

Form for All ~ the Rondeau introduced to the Bar by Tony. The rhymes sent me into a spin!!


  1. Very cool refrain.. and a nice flow.. really difficult rhymes to choose.. but it works...

  2. Really good - the rentrement/refrain and your clever use of slant rhymes amke this a delight to read.

  3. So true you speak and wonderfully justified the form!

  4. Well done with the refrain ~ Such a challenging rhyming pattern ~ Cheers & have a lovely weekend ~

  5. I admire your ability to get those rhymes to work - it's so easy to back yourself into a corner with something so 'fixed' as this form. This was my first ever and it did make me scratch my head a few times! Well done!

  6. wishful definitions of a string-less wriggle,,,ha, nice...shedding nickle had fun with can tell...smiles.

  7. Amid the leaps and swirls of flight here is the dream of it all, dusted and done, but Ah! those desires. Nice!

  8. Wow...lots of fun to read...shredded nickel speaks loudly ;)

  9. Nicely done. Very good use of the form.

  10. Complex rhymes and I appreciate vocab, good form and a lot of thought!

  11. Very nicely handled..lovely wordplay! Enjoyed reading, Akila.

  12. Great energy here! Works so well with subject-- the form like a springboard. Thanks. Karin of Manicddaily


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