Sunday, August 4, 2013


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Have tried something out of my usual style of writing, a little free - wheeling, a little laboured for Fred sent me thinking too much, way beyond than on what I had made up my mind after reading the titbits thrown open at twitter. So I too seem to have gone long and unwinding. :) A little touch of prose though I wonder if it would qualify to be called a prose poetry.

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Wheeled trolley counts




From a grocery list, noted
without words trailing wavy lines to end,
(We are the Blackberry boys…and girls!)

Crunched into a 4” X 4” crumpled bit,
Lost in a crowd of accessories in the bag - ‘Mobile’!
(Wherever you go the network follows!)

Pages are papers now – serving company in restrooms
For heads believing in ‘penning down’ even now
Even now!

4…, 5…., 6…..goes the list

Huff! Puff!

An Elder whizzes brisk, basket tucked in hand
Exchanging smiles and scorns with me

I fill … panting, push! push!!
The list continues under my chin and more underneath
In palms resting over my protruding layers
(Safeguarded as gifts of a caesarean)

Saucer eyes find my helplessness
Feeling the dead lumbar loading the car

When dotty chirped (not tweeted)
Sighting a sparrow –
Fluttering in a civilized rush
I dwelt in a momentary delight
Freezing that moment of her innocent glee
Enthralled in the bliss of her being such
I stood enraptured
Out of the folds of automated movements
Into a gurgling sereneness of our tender ages
(Holding a broom, messing with dough)

Mine locked in an album teased with shades of time
And hers in swipes of a phone -
Shared memories pump blood into my vestigial body

A transient wish wraps me
In momentous moments of bygone ecstasy
Found in conversations of long warm letters
Food for thoughts spilled in a diary
With illegible discoveries of a signature
That would flow from ‘Parker’ one day
Some day...
One day
From my sight and foresight

 Fingers pampered with the tap-dance on a keyboard now
Sigh to sign -
Able today, thankfully, to run down the backbone
Of my daughter, fitting in my ‘obsessed trimness’
She releases her calories in
Little Instances Full of Energies
Till vagaries of time envelope her in priorities as an excuse
For the done and undone, wished and unwished

The fast learner does a zoom- click – giggle
Capturing her newfound ‘winged’ friend
Soon cast aside by ‘angry birds’
Wishful horses gallop
Of evolving my child out of obese bags

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  1. ha..i like your embedded acrostic for LIFE...something that gets lost in so much to do...and other commitments at times....and meaningless distractions...

  2. this is very cool. Love the freewheeling, love the synapses you left between stanzas, where the mind automatically begins to fill itself in a connecting line or two. Some beautiful imagery in here, an acrostic and tons of social references. A fantastic write. Really enjoyed, so glad you shared it with us.

  3. Enjoyed the creativity of your writing here.

  4. ah we should never let the angry birds get in the way of the real ones that soar freely in the air...smiles... what a creative take akila

  5. Wonderful Poem Akila .. keep it up .. All the Best for BAT

    My Attempt - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  6. Little Instances Full of Energies

    love that, your poem is full of energy and wisdom

  7. little instances full of energies! wow! i'll remember that forever!

  8. Interesting experiment here, it kind of takes me along for a ride with its own rhythm and rolling swagger.

  9. This felt like stream-of-consciousness, to me--very free-flowing and energetic. I'm not too plugged in--only my laptop and a "dumb" cell phone. I think the rest is quite un-freeing, really.

  10. very creative, Akila - great imagery, the spaces between the stanzas are perfectly chosen and make the mind wander. great take on the prompt!

  11. Hey Akila, as I don't have much knowledge of poetry, I don't think I completely understand your poem, but one thing I'm sure about is that this piece has been originated directly from your heart, the flow is obviously telling this. Keep Writing :)

  12. Very nice. Absolutely from the heart. Flows smooth as silk. ATB for BAT!

  13. This one is unique, akila. I especially like 'the protruding layers-(Safeguarded as gifts of a caesarean)' Hahaha...
    Good one. ATB for Bat!!


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