Monday, August 19, 2013


Sand escapes warm palms

 I shut them tight clasp fingers

 Thrusting the free flow

 Holding dear trivial

 They linger longer than life

(tried my hands on Tanka)
(Pic courtesy google images)
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  1. ah, if only we could learn an easy way to know what to hold onto and what to let go....

  2. Oh, that closing line is a zinger. Great job on the tanka!

  3. moments of life too go away like sand

  4. A lovely tanka! Great metaphor :)

    Thank you for your recent comment on my Dream Chaser poem. It didn't appear on my post, but went into my email box only.

  5. Your Tanka Speaks to me, as the baggage I carried got quite heavy before I started to lighten my load. Lighter does not mean the sand in the hour glass moves faster.

  6. Every time I see the word Tanka Kevin Costner pos in my head from Dances with I like this form of poetry, it allows a massive amount of thought process to be leveraged in a short space, and if done well like this one, you can unlock the universe in five short lines. Great work.

  7. Lovely...Now, I must try my hand at writing a Tanka... :)

  8. It's always this way, no? Life sifts through our hands and it's hard to tell what is worth keeping and what is not. Amazing wisdom in a handful of words... there's talent. Amy

  9. This is so deep and exploratory ... loved it :-)


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