Friday, August 23, 2013


(Pic: Courtesy: google images)

Some things are best left to where they belong

Like those fleeting fantasies

Growing out of being harmless invasions

To weave a gossamer nest of tender togetherness perceived ideal

Found in few moments of sensitive intimacies

Robbing the exchanged vows of their surreal beauty blossoming

In the beauty of brewing a perfect love of imperfections

55 words for the random thoughts that crossed my mind in a casual conversation. Any suggestions for a more appropriate title are welcome.

MeetingTheBar: Getting Tight (in here) where Brian celebrates his birthday tending the bar!


  1. I think fantasies oftentimes are best left as if actions follow they may not be so harmless. I am looking at the words of the poem as well as the picture! A well expressed 55, Akila.

  2. ugh....def, those fantasies rob the real of their intimacy and leave both in a cold shadow....very nicely & evocative in 55 words...

  3. one needs to keep the flame alive!!

  4. Have to agree that sharing fantasies can be destructive for the most part. You got a lot into the 55.

  5. Thank you for visiting.
    Your story is Flash 55 perfection.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    (Yes I'm flooded, but I LOVE the deluge)

  6. Had not thought of it that way.. but you are very right.. and the perfect of love of imperfections is to strive for.

  7. the beauty of brewing a perfect love of imperfections...i like this... love seems always imperfect and that makes a big part of its spell.. yep... and def. good to be careful with those fantasies as well

  8. a perfect love of imperfections . . . love that.

  9. Keep it real - it is full of imperfections ~

  10. fantasies are not real - and when expected to be lived up to? Ha, well - that's the beginning of the end. Nicely done.


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