Sunday, May 19, 2013


What do we have in common?
Geographically demarcated

I have a long and unwinding origin
A lineage that moved places
Wandering about for a home
To evolve and harness their bloodline
Defining the facial contours
Commanding the physiological being
Do we have something common here?
Other than the foetal journey…!

My beliefs are paraphrased as culture
My spiritual links connect to religion
The five elements epitomise divinity
Do we have anything in common?
Other than faith…!

Ordained by longitudnal parameters
Set to latitudnal limits
My food chain is defined
Changing seasons tune my forbearance
A bit more of melanin
A bit more of sweat glands
A bit more of lingual drawl
A bit more or less, perhaps
Of hormones, here and there

Do we have anything in common?
Other than survival intincts…!

I cry and laugh in joy
To laugh and cry in sorrow
Myriad emotions
Rule me, conduct me, coerce me
I know pain
When a red fluid flows out of a dermal cut
Blood red!

Do we have it in common?

This piece does not adhere to the specifics  required of POETICS: ‘ASIANS ARE UGLY!’. because on this one, I find our host, Kevin speaking for me, a fellow Asian. But I have tried to voice some thoughts on discrimination arising out of geographical boundaries, colour, hair and well, all the sundry that the “haters” (so-called) find not to be loving.


  1. i wish we could focus more on the things we do have in common rather than focusing on the differences or the things that divide us...true...

  2. Humanity have all in common... small variations exists, but we are so skilled at trying to find differences so we forget the similarities ..

    great sentiments against harassment and prejudice

  3. Wow, this is good, Akila. I read your point as being we have much more in common than we have different. I agree with that. We all wind along the same journey, with the same feelings, the same red blood.......

  4. i think that it becomes very easy to see our differences at times...perhaps too easy...when in reality we are not that far apart...i will say i appreciate our various cultures as i do the different flavors of spice...

  5. Thanks for writing to this important topic, which outraged and upset me. I wrote a similar response - we are all human beings. I see no differences that matter, only humans striving to live, to be all they can be. It boggles my mind that someone can make a statement like the one made to Kelvin, who has such a beautiful face and betrays their ignorance and has no bearing in reality. Thank you for writing. We have in common our humanity, our hearts, our blood, our dreams and our lives. Bless you.

  6. wow!! we humans are all similar, but still discriminate

  7. We came from the same dirt, we will go back on the same dirt. All our blood is red - what more proof is valid enough for us to fit in. Akila, you really know how it feels.... thank you! smiles...

  8. It is such a truth that we can find so much in common with people from the other side of the world, and that those are what we should look for, instead of emphasizing the differences.


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