Saturday, May 18, 2013


A wolverine
Braves the skeleton silhouttes
Carving his path through the tunnel
An end, inevitable or not, does not matter
He cares not for lamps!

An aura
Needs no moon to show the path
Enveloping all creations
within its grace
Leading from darkness to light.

Not all tendrils are soft

Not all roots are edible
If not clipped on the dot
They ambush all that is surveyed
Time and tide waits for none.

The water reflects
Wilted, brittle branches
Crystal clear under the barren sky
Smothered by my own volitions
Left withered, no less than a bag of bones
The water reflects me.

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Thank you to the lovely ladies who sketched the above and to Margaret for sharing.



  1. These are all nice a very energetic write to take on all the pictures. Enjoyed each one.

  2. I liked how they could all link to one story, each frame was like a picture in a camera telling a story.

  3. Each picture has so much to tell. Fascinating.

  4. beautiful and strong vignettes. I esp. love An aura needs No moon...

  5. Kudos to you for writing (great) poems for all of the artwork!

  6. Ooo...a feast!! I'm so glad that you took on each of them, rich and full explorations of each. I's neat to see what stood out for you in each of these. I like that the aura stood out for you in the mushroom one. Great job!

  7. You've really captured the mood of all of these pictures. I love the lines " Not all tendrils are soft Not all roots are edible." Heed the warning!

  8. You are a brave one, taking on three pictures with such distinct storylines! Loved the roots, " If not clipped on the dot /They ambush all that is surveyed..." Also, the inedible roots reminded me of mushroom hunting, ironic, since there's a mushroom in the pic. Great work! Peace, Amy


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