Sunday, May 26, 2013



Gifted with a fine balance of elements
Collating to shelter shades of inhabitation 
Magnify me to reveal finer details 
Shrink to find me, fit, amongst them 
A miniscule of thought 
Conceived in the galaxy.

A sea of thoughts 
Flickering, burning 
With the embers of time 
Some bequeathed 
Some invented 
Some imagined 
Framing the contours  
Concealed under sheaths of skin.


A prism of shades 
Born out a single source
Of light  
Refracting components 
Present a textured mysticism 
Of bright and prosaic elements 
Undulating to mix and merge
 Into new hues 
Of evolving thoughts.

Droplets gather
Of thoughts streamlined
Bonding to grow
Into profound snippets
To burst, shimmer
As pearls of wisdom.


Sheeting thoughts
Coloured with perspectives
Find obscure images
Of fears
Release the creases
Free the truth.
Shared with Poetics: through the lens at the bar by Brian.
A big thank you to Leovi for such wonderful works for an inspiration. I could not zero in on one and so have tried my hands on all of them, in bits and pieces.
Thank you Brian for sharing this in the Pub.



  1. oh just wrote to all of them.. very cool...Shrink to find me...that was what stood out for me as i too find that her artwork leaves so much space, movement, transparency to pull us right into the center of it..or let us swim somewhere on the margin...just as the winds carry us..nicely done

  2. Oh yes big wow writing to all of them, they're fascinating and beautiful images I can see how you would want to... his website blew me away such a menu for the senses! Anyway I love how you really get the sense of each image with these poems! Well done!

  3.'re not quite too inspired to write, right? .. lol... but seriously you give such BIG effort today and i commend you for that Akila... wow... i appreciate 'em all... cheers .. smiles...

  4. Magnify me to reveal finer details...

    ...I like that...your words breathe life into these images for sure.

  5. ha. you did go all the droplets gathering into profound thought...very cool one to me...shrink to find me is another that really i me, its perspective....which we def need...

  6. These are all beautiful, Akila! You were truly inspired.

  7. How productive of you ~ I like them all, specially the first one ~

    "Shrink to find me, fit, amongst them" - resonated with me ~

    Have a lovely day ~

  8. Wonderful all of them - I can really see them in the gallery posted together.

  9. Impressive! I especially like the first one, Akila.

  10. Wow this is great you really breathed life into the art with your words.

  11. Wonderful pieces, Sam said, 'you breathed life into the art with your words.'--I agree!!

  12. Great job! Fantastic writes on all the pictures!

  13. Oh wow, very nice. I think the second is my favorite here because of your use of repetition and the flow but all very nice :)


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