Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Cells and tissues bind
Piling up emotions
Storing values and vices
From diverse quarters
Of birth and living; Blood, love and law
Occupying the cerebrum

Finding a reason to linger in a masked smile
Forcing to enact and emote for peace
 Ha! peace, indeed...
Engulfing me in its fold as I scale up in age
Packaged as patience, tolerance, crowned as wisdom.

Names are superficial tags for a painted demeanour
Reigning in face value
Crushing desires of a choice
And if granted, comes with strings
Fancifully plucking and pulling me left and right
Pushing and shoving to hold me

I shout in silence (Spare me! spare me!)
The beat goes on, in and out, round the clock

A gift of a few moments of silence
Comes my way of living in debris

Eyes closed in moments of solitude
Seeking a release
To cut through the air in a free fall
Only to tumble down into an abyss
Scrabbling for familiar turfs
Loneliness surfaces

An undesirable figment of fear
Concealed beneath the layers
Longs for the whispering wind
Finding its way to me in a crowd

Crevices of ‘I’ lay exposed

Allowing unconditional love of my child
Filled with selflessness of parenting souls
Laughing in the comfort of friends
Safe in marital chords
One by one, societal ties, mark the boundary

Point a finger,
The remaining four would close inside
In the same spirit
I sow to reap my giving and misgivings
Tuned to the laws of motion
(A reaction for every action)

A green bounty exhales for me
So do I, for them
Involuntarily conscious of living
For self and the other
How would a bird fly without gravity?

The shade of ‘born imperfect’
Is a fa├žade of perception
Smuggled into a shell

My questioning raves and rants
Focusses me as an answer
Commitments polish my sense
To live, let live
Dream and let dream
Hold hands and be held
Freedom for me and them.

Life seeks a balance
In balance I seek and find a life

Verse First ~ The Function of Freedom


  1. Life seeks a balance
    In balance I seek and find a life

    Thats what we do......... and very true

  2. The change of color fits each stanza so well. "as I scale up in age" - made me smile to think of life in these terms.
    "Dream and let dream
    Hold hands and be held
    Freedom for me and them."
    Sweet words, makes me want my kids to wake so I can hear and share their dreams.

  3. Beautiful. These words are my favorites & express the crux of this poem for me:

    To live, let live
    Dream and let dream
    Hold hands and be held
    Freedom for me and them.

  4. nice....really great progression in this...the color does lend to it as well....and the balance, if feel you once we find it flows so much smoother...crevices of i lay exposed, ha i like that line as well...

  5. What a spectacular write this is! The trajectory of living and loving and learning. So much to think about in this poem. The closing lines are a benediction. Lovely work.

  6. Wow! This is brilliant brilliant! I wish I could write so well what an inspiration you are =)

  7. ..ah, sometimes our words are just need to be freed... like what you did here... loved how you pulled these all together... smiles..

  8. I love the way you ended it with Life seeks a balance ... I so believe that in the end all of life balances. In fact all of the cosmos balances and when we face turbulent times it is life and cosmos trying to balance out.
    Dropping by from Verse First


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