Saturday, May 25, 2013



Reflection of wonderings
Of a little heart
Coloured in imaginations
Attentive! Cupped fingers
Seek answers to ponderings
In comparison-
Feet tinkling with anklets under
Holding balance
While boxes are piled up
Labelled values and vices within
In the transit to a final form 
Akin legs now standing behind
Tall in the mirror and otherwise too
Profound thoughts...
Beyond the radius of the tender age.

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Came in late but hope have fallen in place!


  1. to think what the child may be thinking there in front of the mirror...they see the world so differently than us...and they are def not afraid to ask questions...

  2. Growing up .. everything it entails .. 'beyond the radius of the tender age' .. you captured it well.

  3. Beautiful! You took me right there! And the way the imagination works--tall, tall!

  4. So sweet. Lovely moment captured here.
    Know what? Try and catch the time when she will be learning to whistle and see her study her progress in the mirror just like this :-)

  5. I love the tenderness, the cupped fingers, the thoughts that swirl!
    Beautiful poem

  6. ..,beyond the radius of the tender age Nice ending

  7. Dear Akila -
    First of all, the post above tells me you have been hacked or have malware. You may need to resort to the stupid robot window...

    Anyway, I loved the tinkly anklets on this! Mirrors always fascinated me as a child, I think all children want to know not only what they look like, but what their gestures seem to say, etc. I really loved this.

    Now check your spam guard and spyware!! Love, Amy

  8. Cute, but while this has a location, location doesn't seem central to the poem, which was the challenge.

    1. I took the mirror and worked around it. Oops! perhaps, did not fit in!

  9. You have captured the musings of a little one so well...beautifully done.


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