Friday, May 17, 2013

ONCE IN A WHILE - volition for velleity

Thoughts cuddle

To be sieved, chosen, hugged

Bubbling out of a puddle

Some burst, some stay

Like flotsam serving innuendoes

Of a baggage in a corner of the mind

A whisper is sensed

Only if one cares to listen

Like the rhythmic chugging rails

Savoured by ears pricked for it

The gentle hush of sound and air

Acknowledges from the dumpyard of wistful musings

Percolating from streamlining for sobriety, lest

They shadow the essence of real-time

Breaking from the chained Karma, nevertheless

Perfecting imperfections, I am not me, I find sometimes...


Let me build a world of my own

Yes! A world of my own


Cocooned from the mundane ordains

Barricading against whimsical manipulations

Hastening conflicts of interest to beat a retreat

Walk through alien landscapes

Sieving my fears and obstacles

Revealing them in new parameters

Where novel perceptions are born

Perceptions mind it! not decisions

That are willing to mingle with

The other side of the mirror

A balance I seek in the process.


Let me do that, once in a while

Lay bare the windows open

For a whiff of air to snuff out chaos

Bold enough to torch out of an abyss

Engage in harmless snippets

In blithering conversations with self

Secrete the juices churning within

Clean up my confessions



Yes! let me do that, once in a while…

Run away to come back home.



Hobbies brings out the true form in us. But often they are buried for want of time though inclined, or for want of courage to give it a go. Perhaps, it is the constant feeding of winning and losing that gets in the way here too! Recently I discovered a friend who could write poetry. She wrote one for her sister. It is not a layered verse form but direct and straight, where she found happiness sharing it with her sister, a piece which both of them will treasure and perhaps, she will be encouraged to write more.

 A little gardening, and I find it does wonders!

Ok, I wonder if the poem conveys this – going by volition for velleity– now this note is going longer than the piece itself!:)


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  1. ..I could be wrong, but what I see here is the struggle to stay one step ahead of one's and society's pressure to conform, to be distracted, while so many important thoughts go by us..we need to not be so much a refection in the mirror, but be able to present another way of seeing, expressing what gets muddled in the mix of everyday noise????? Love the flow of thought..then the gardening ..ha.

  2. nice...i like the images...the cuddling thoughts..the chugging rails and creating a whole world with those words...magical...

  3. You convey very vivid images throughout this poem. A very nice read.

  4. the images are vivid and beautifully portrayed ... loved this one.

  5. I stumbled upon that prompt and didn't attempt it, but you did so well with this, Akila, and thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

    One of the best devices in this (aside from the lush imagery... you have a way with adjectives, my dear) is the formatting of the poem itself, differentiating between the GOGOGO and the feeling your way through it.

    Nicely done! Peace, Amy

  6. "Thoughts cuddle" brought a sense of life to individual thoughts, as if they are special little creatures!

  7. i love the turn about halfway through in really picks up momentum for me fav part though is the lay bare by the windows open...there is something refreshing there...the contradiction in running away to come back home is really cool in the close as well...

  8. I like your images, particularly in the first three lines.

  9. Walk through alien landscapes
    Sieving my fears and obstacles
    Revealing them in new parameters
    Where novel perceptions are born

    That's the way it should be! One can trudge along in uncharted territory and make discoveries.This can guide our perceptions in life! Nicely Akila!



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