Tuesday, April 16, 2013


(Picture is a sketch by a friend, Kavitha)

“Frailty thy name is woman”
“Vanity thy name is woman”

Judgments come as perceptions

She carries on,
On her nimble shoulders, yet
Cupping (maternal) warmth
An aura of fragrance
Enveloping darkest of fears
In the gentleness of her being
Deepest of scars shade
Under her scarf’s wisdom
She trudges on sore feet
Under the frills of her robe

Mother, sister, daughter…
Epitomizing a canvass
Ready to dive in the artist’s choice
As even as her name
Learning to back-pack the baggage
Learning….yes she is!
Gliding up and down the curve
With five senses
From the Maker, being no partial
Judged, perceived with
Frailty, Vanity
Getting passed on... in letters...

Carry on woman…carry on…
It is all in the game
What’s in a name?!?

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  1. This is interesting as it makes me wonder, do women get more labels than men? The portrayal here of a woman carrying a load and trudging along seems an appropriate metaphor for her struggles against those labels and judgements as well. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking poem.

    1. Yes, the load works as a great metaphor for the label put on her.

  2. so much in a name.. i always found it fascinating when god gave people new names in the bible at certain points in their life....from jacob to israel for example...i think we don't have to let us dominate by names people try to imprint on us

  3. Akila, I am becoming a big fan of your work. I love the commentary on judging and labeling others, and on the strength of women. Beaautiful poem.

  4. “Frailty thy name is woman”
    “Vanity thy name is woman”

    Fantastic opening verses ~ Our roles & labels, many and varied, are such a challenge Akila ~ We just need to carry on ~

  5. Isn't there a Fun ( name of singing group) song about carrying on? We all just need to carry on no matter what....somehow. I enjoyed this, Akila.

  6. Whatever comes due, away we go no matter the name at our zoo

  7. This is such a good reflection on the strength of woman. Creation knew which sex could carry the pain of birthing and the struggles of motherhood. And thank God for those men who lend a different kind of strength to the equation.

  8. Akila, thank you for your visit, or else I might not have "found" you.

    Is it not (to me!) terrible to judge anything about anyone--since each have certain gifts, and do have others, and to degrees, all. But--and yet--we ARE one with the Universe, IN and OF, THROUGH, and WITH!

    I truly believe in the end we will judge ourselves, not knowing how this can be...but I will intuitively KNOW myself then. Finally. If I have not discovered yet. I don't believe adding good deed and bad, and subtracting.

    And I observe that of all Peeps, women by FAR are above (if having been gifted?) in love, tolerance, patience, feeling others fears, and DOING something about it. What happened to us men? We HAVE those capabilities...but it is like we are ashamed of being "human". We gt to FIGHT, QUARREL, , etc., etc.

    Sorry, I get carried away sometimes....ALL THE TIME? (Smiles!)

  9. Both lovely and insightful!

    And thanks for your fun contribution to this week's Limerick-Off. I hope you'll be a frequent participant. (I post a new one every Sunday, and they run all week.)

  10. Very insightful. I do think women are judged more often and more harshly than are men.

  11. What a beautiful depiction of woman!!!

  12. We need to let the labels roll off our backs and "carry on". :)


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