Friday, April 19, 2013


Broken by
The swaying greens
To the tune of chirping birds
Flapping a gentle breeze
The clouds line up
Unfolding the carpet to welcome
The first ray
Emanating a orange hue
Warmed with love and hope
To pause and begin
To light, pave the way
For a new day

Ah! Life! Such is your beauty
I see you unfolding in the small quarters
Resplendent in the shades of dawn
Illuminating the horizon

Wake up O Spirit! Wake up
Wake up and see
Life being loved
Wake up and love

Rise and shine

Broken by deafening figments
Bombing today and tomorrow
Ghosts loom in flesh and blood
Scarring living…

Wake up O Spirit! Wake up
Phoenix never dies!
From the ashes behold
Embrace the thought
Of the dawn blowing life gently
Into the elements that make us
Into the elements that we will return to
One day, someday…
But today wake up to love
Wake up to life!
Rise and shine!
With the exclamation!
Move over the pause
Never to stop

Wake up and love!

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  1. Wake up O Spirit! Wake up Wake up and see Life being loved Wake up and love...this should be my mantra each morning. Thank you so much for the beautiful psalm that calls us to love. Also thank you taking part in the challenge!

  2. This is really beautiful,,,a powerful call to live,,,"wake up and love" indeed :-)

  3. Love the words, wake up and love, rise and shine ~

    Never to stop, yes ~

    Very meaningful to read this morning ~

  4. Wake up and shine--- I believe in that, Akila. So admirably depicted :))


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