Tuesday, April 16, 2013


(A Joaquin Sorolla painting)

Come Girls! Hop, skip, jump, run
Around this pond and trees, reflecting us

Crystal water glistening in the sun
Let us hop, skip, jump, run

With no worries boggling the mind, no fuss
Thrown open is the world to fly, have fun

Have no bother of time to miss the bus

Breathe the same air, daughters! just like my son
Make your choices to live, that is the crux

Hold on to dreams till, with life, you are done
Let us hop, skip, jump, run.


Could not post and share for Joaquin Sorolla' work for the sunday challenge. So now

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  1. ooooh, this one. i really feel this. yes, indeed, go girls, run and play! and children, just be children.
    love it. thank you for participating.

  2. Yes, girls let there be joy...hop, skip and run. Lovely work!

  3. The upbeat mood of the picture with its shadows and light is reflected well. Thanks so much for finding time to participate, and way to go, doing two prompts at once.

  4. Make your choices to live, that is the crux

    Isn't it just?

  5. In the olden days, so much more was expected of the girls... Yes, run, play, explore just like the boys!

  6. Yes, may the girls have all the oportunities given to any human. I liked the light mood of this.

  7. Yes, make your choice to live - that is the crux!

  8. This has a lovely internal rhythm!

  9. Your refrain works like magic motion glue!! Excellent job with this and a message to boot! Great work!

  10. Akila, thanks for leaving me the URL link to this. I used the same portrait! I love the sense of abandon, the narrator encouraging the girls to run and play. The rhythm was captivating and the girls actually seemed to come alive off the screen. That is a job well done. Thanks for stopping by, and see you on the prompts (I rarely get mine done in time, either! Soul sisters!), Amy


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