Sunday, April 21, 2013


Frailty thy name is woman
The notion passes on…

I learn to live within the boundaries
Imposed by perceptions
Forever chained to a watchful eye

I need no security, please
No bodyguards or wrestlers either
I seek soldiers
Standing by my freedom
To breathe freely
Fly my dreams

Where do I find them?

I see one in father
As even as his name
Standing by me,
Evenly equal,
In my good and bad deeds.

I see one in brother,
Born of the same blood or otherwise,
Being as odd,
In name and balance,
Evenly equal
As his sister.

I see one in a friend
He knows me as one, too!
Sans the gender tag
Evenly equal
Judging me not by physical demeanour

I see one in a colleague
Sharing my ambitions
Seeing me a peer,
Evenly equal,
Defining a healthy competition

I see one in husband
Standing by the sacred vows
Giving a hand,
Evenly equal,
For balancing the scales.

They stand to be true soldiers
Of faith and trust…

If only,
I could seek one in every other man
A stranger yet familiar
As a fellow human
Allowing me a walk
Sans worry of the clock or the wardrobe
Nothing more, nothing more!

Re-affirmed will be hope
In small gestures
Collating into
Life!– Evenly equal in name and spirit
For them and for me!

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  1. i wish too that every man was - evenly equal. its sad that you have to write this. but you write so well.


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