Sunday, April 21, 2013


The Sunday Mini-Challenge : Lune at IGRT had me alternating between Collom Lune (3 5 3 words) and Kelly lune (5 3 5 syllables) types of poetry. And as I have this habit of picking up more than a prompt in one poetry, this piece is on Spring (Poetics — SpRinG) with the use of the word melting to fit in  Out of Standard: Climate Free Friday at IGRT. Since it is Monday, so sharing it with Poetry Pantry - # 147

Having done all this sharings, not sure of coming back and reading. Nursing dotty down with fever and I think some of it is rubbing on me as well. Apologies for being selfish but could not resist the temptation to pen down some random thoughts. So much for an introduction! Here is the poem….


Sun wakes up

Melting in Mother Nature’s bosom

Welcoming colours aboard.


Myriad shades anoint

The lush - green

Emanate fragrance.


Early birds chirping

Flap along the first ray

Feast on worms.


Clean roads pave the way

Pulling me

Out of my blanket.


A mystical whiff

Fills me, stirs my soul

My true calling.


Time to bury past

Spin new dreams

A new beginning.


  1. ah it's good to spin new dreams in the awakening of nature... spring makes things new and i think this swaps over to us..smiles

  2. ah, something about the sweet spring air that is good for the soul, different from other seasons' smells ..get rest.

  3. Such beautiful words of new beginning

  4. I have s warm feeling inside from your words, like spring sun shining in my face.

  5. Yes, spring always is a time for new dreams! I enjoyed each of these...

  6. I like the scent and spirit of new beginning ~

    Thanks for participating in RT Sunday's Challenge ~

  7. A string of six beautiful word-beads

  8. Beautiful, I love "spin new dreams".


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