Friday, April 12, 2013

MYRIAD HUES....(inspired by Chelsea Bednar's brush strokes)

What fun it would be?
Not to swim the sea
Sans a tide, high and white
What fun it would be?
To float in a marsh
Sans a plunge into its darkness
What fun it would be?
To emote
Sans seasons and flavours
What fun it would be?
To go in monotony
Sans questions for the spirit
What fun it would be?
Seeing things and through
Sans reflections of light and thought
What fun it would be?
Being a canvass
Sans the splash of myriad hues
What fun it would be… then?
Carrying on in this journey
Sans an exclamation!
Tangled, I lay
Waddling through the mesh
To assimilate, in black and white
Has no other shade, does it?
Warped by shades of grey
I continue
To keep my promise of living.


Threads of life I hold dear
Flailing a few strands

 To test new shores
Explore, Stretch, Grow
Till the last straw
Such are ambitions
The path of pursuit of dreams
Yet, holding on to
Threads dear to me.


Blood is red
Tells a cut on my epidermis
What is the colour of my bleeding soul?
Gnawed, diced, sewn to…
Be chopped….

Again and again….

It no more holds the redness of life
Fresh wounds turn darker
Inflicted with new shades…
I remain a harried picture of
A living corpse!


Through a meandering maze 
I traverse, sporting masks
Singing along with
A painted demeanour
To come back home
Face a broken mirror, gathered
To confront me.


 Strands of hair falling loose
Cover my eye, sight
I care not to push them aside
For I choose to see
Choose to live
Within the defined contours
I do not stand to be coloured

Brown ... old
Brown ... rusted
Shades of memories collected
Collated, interspersed
Lay covered, safe, alive
Under hair coloured brown

Shared with:
Artistic Interpretations with Margaret on Imaginary garden with real toads... Thank you Margaret, thank you Chelsea.  

I hope I have stood up a little to these wonderful brush strokes.



  1. You were certainly inspired by these images and have created some amazing responses.
    I particularly like the one beginning with 'Strands of hair..'

  2. This is impressive as you took all the images and wrote a poem to each one ~ I particularly like the living corpse and broken mirror ~ Good to see you in the RT ~ Have a good weekend ~

  3. Very ambitious taking them all on here, but I think you've varied your moods well--I especially like the strands of hair refusing to be colored, and the broken mirror.

  4. Oh, I like that you wrote something about each piece of art a pleasant read from start to finish.

  5. Blown away by your responses to Chelsea's art ... one after another after another ~~~ awesome poetry.

  6. I'd turn this around, to ask -

    What fun would it be, being a canvass sans the splash of myriad hues?

    Answer would have to be - not a lot! lol

  7. Love the poetry you have written here in response to the art. So well done!

  8. Wow, Akila, what a smorgasbord you have laid out for our delight. Such intriguing responses to the artist's work.

  9. would indeed be fun being a canvas

  10. The path of pursuit of dreams
    Yet, holding on to
    Threads dear to me.


    face a broken mirror, gathered.

    What beautiful responses and each so different from the other. I wonder, did you do one right after the other or did you do it them separately?

  11. I love what your imagination has done in response to these pictures. All so unexpected to me, yet seeming exactly right.


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