Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A pollen
seeds scattered thoughts
growing leaf, leaves
sprouting shoots, off-shooting
on a chalkboard
where I carry the wind along
whistling to whispered creations

As if it is for the muse to wonder
about a rainbow
while I ponder how much more
I need to walk this distance
counting molecular dew drops and
their spectrum of perceptions –

A journey

taken on those mackerel clouds
curves, unseen, bears down words
seldom chosen but reared
in a kaleidoscope of reflections

Each time my meanderings
find me a room and dear warmth
to sit, stretch, find my roots in a root offered
to knit syllables of my voice
into verses familiar amongst and
amidst people I know as poets

No longer alone, I continue…

So here comes one more of my irregular knocks raising a toast to poetry and poets. Happy third anniversary, dVerse. 


  1. oh it is def. a journey...and think that is what i love so much about all changes...there's always a new road to the image of... counting dew molecules especially... and what a wonderful spectrum each of it offers...smiles

  2. This poem just sings with the excitement of creativity! Great imagery, and I love those mackerel clouds!

  3. it is good to no longer feel alone...and feel a connection...our sharing of words is like a conversation....and when someone talks back we do feel less alone....there is some magic in your verse as well...enjoy the journey

  4. I love your representation of the poetic process as it plays out in nature. Isn't it great to be a part of this community?!

  5. What a lovely thought. Seeds and rainbows as poems. Poets as seeds and rainbows.

  6. Continue then...Its good to feel that you are not alone as you knit syllables ~ Good to see you~

  7. We come from different walks of life but our passion is same-poetry!

  8. This is lovely......"where I carry the wind longer alone"....I feel the same way. Poetry is a lonely business, without other poets to share the journey,

  9. thanks for carrying us along on your journey - beautiful! K


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