Saturday, June 28, 2014


In a striped pinafore over a white shirt,
our daughter begins kindergarten
in a new school

She leaves behind the summer
her facets of fear in the swimming pool

With a back pack sporting Pinocchio
the milieu promises through her spectacles

She waves ‘have a nice day’ before
we lose her in a class of similar frames

Soon she would trace footprints
with her feet secured in laced shoes

She would drape her assents and dissents
often more than not
leaving a  s  p  a  c  e 
between us and her…soon

Soon…sooner than not
she will find the spokes
in the wheels of time
the then and now


just the way we did

just the way we do

for OpenLinkNight – June, 2014 – summer is not so quite over but vacation is and dotty is back to school and with her we are back to the schooling ways! and hopefully poetry will trickle back again. Wish you all a happy break and hope to be more in swing for the three year celebs. 


  1. you will still play a large role in guiding and shaping that journey...what a moment, the releasing them to school for the first time...oy...have been there...they seem to grow up so fast....

  2. you were not linked i tagged you in...smiles.

  3. Oh, so true. Every generation of parents goes through this. Children go off to kindergarten, and the footprints get bigger and bigger, and in a blink of an eye they are grown...

  4. My youngest is now in high school, and it seemed the years are just rolling away ~ Enjoy your time with your child (no spaces yet) & summer days ~

  5. Goodness, the time you write of is so fertile with joy, hope, concern, breath-holding and exhaling in deep measure. You've crafted a wonderful word-etch of this time of life. Even those of us long past this phase visit it again through your verse - and touch nostalgia with blinking eyelash and lifted smile.

  6. The way time slips through our fingers - cascading into growth.. it's life, but still a parting of sorts...

  7. the goal is to always remember that success happens when they spread their wings and fly away.

  8. I adore this poem. :)

    Especially this whole section:
    "She leaves behind the summerher facets of fear in the swimming pool
    With a back pack sporting Pinocchiothe milieu promises through her spectacles
    She waves ‘have a nice day’ beforewe lose her in a class of similar frames
    Soon she would trace footprintswith her feet secured in laced shoes"

    Wonderful splice of life piece.

  9. That is a big landmark, when they start kindergarten. She will be so proud though, to be going to school!

  10. that brought back some memories of first school days... and now all my kids have finished school already... what milestones... and it's a wonderful journey..

  11. This is so poignant and made all the more touching with your attention to detail.


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