Thursday, April 3, 2014


I listened
as she counted
the autumn leaves
crackling under her feet
and those still hanging
to the branch
painted green while
sinking into unison
with the night’s carpet

I listened
as she counted
the stars
refusing a moonbeam
exercising a choice
to wear down with time
into time
ticking, nevertheless

I listened
as she counted
the motley grains of dust
filtering inside the room
fathomed to cloak the dawn
gathering the leaves in slumber
into cycles of destined motions

I listened
as she counted
“two months, ten days”-
As the clock began to sync
with the re-defined contours

Draping her twilight
she counted
I listened-
the least that I could do

was listen

MeetingTheBar– Emotion in poetry


  1. ugh, i feel the countdown of what time you have left with her...
    and yes, at that point having someone to be there and listen
    def makes what difference you can...

  2. and i'm glad you were there to listen... so important to have someone by the side that does in such difficult times...

  3. Very sad, yet many emotions cross my mind here.

  4. description of poignant moments deftly....

  5. I like the verses of counting down like ticking clock while you listen ~ There's seems to be a grim event coming on, its like I am holding my breath for it to happen ~

  6. The counting.. I can feel the feeling of a recovery.. slower than you might want.. but listen is the best help you can give.

  7. Listening might be the least that one could do, but often the most important. This is something I try to remind myself!

  8. To listen to some one is such a beautiful thing where people is not doing a gr8 job


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