Sunday, March 30, 2014


(a pic in daughter's book; she coloured it)

Caressing the mirror
you bend your head backwards
wishing for your curled locks
kiss your knees

You wonder aloud if you could shade them
‘Barbie pink’
while I try to undo the knots
one by one…

You call out ‘Rapunzel!’
harvesting the tale in plush green shades
of your newly acquired vocabulary

Breathing azure, smiling sunflower
you weave scarlet dreams tinting the strands
spilling indigo hued dew
that shimmer fluorescent in your eyes
smiling in cherry red blushes

The vacuum in between the bristles
fills rainbow from your tresses
cocooning the shaft and me in you –

All it takes is a brushstroke
to paint this naked journey

OpenLinkNight– March 2014

I missed the linky for the colours prompted by Abhra at Poetics last week. Though this was not the piece written for it, I am linking another one here based on the picture coloured by daughter in her book.


  1. awww - there's a beautiful tenderness in this... little girls and their hair... so lovely and so many dreams tightly connected with them... loved the rapunzel story when i was a kid...actually...still do...smiles

  2. smiling sunflower....this is lovely...and has an innocence of childlikeness as well...a land of princesses....seeing yourself in them as well....lovely...

  3. So very colorful... love "spilling indigo hued dew"

  4. Nicely 'bending the head backwards so curls might kiss the knees'

  5. I like how a mundane activity allows you to daydream in a very sweet way! Great use of colors and imagery!

  6. I am impressed with your daughter's ability to color and also impressed with the colorful poem that you wrote! Smiles. I like the last line. Yes, all it takes is a brush stroke.......

  7. Aww this is so sweet ... what a wonderful moment with your daughter ... and also a great metaphor for coloring life with dreams. Lovely :)

  8. So love how you wove these colors together. And happy that you posted it on OLN. I missed that wonderful prompt. Life has been "interesting" the last couple of weeks.


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