Thursday, November 28, 2013


Dawn creaks open
Throwing light upon on
the plants, lined
to accompany my shadow
My senses
My sense of being

Sneakers pace in steady rhythms
Breaking into nocturnal songs
Cradling monotonous melodies
Of a slow death, silence

Wind cuts through my fingers
Peeping out of folded arms of my jacket
to stretch, fold, clutch
the palms and feel the skin

Chugging to a destination
The train breaks the cold silence
Between me and others on the trail now
Carrying disparate hopes

Perched on the fence
A lone bird watches
Exposing my ignorance –
Some veiled and some blissful
That tag along with me
In an unseen belonging
I am alone but not lonely

I perspire in the warmth
Of the confluence of the five elements
Breathing life! Endowing me
To embrace wheat and the chaff – a realization
That cloaks me in peace
Aware of falling back, fragmented, into their lap
In an eternal sleep

Spokes of time cycle perceptions
Progressing from black to white strands
I collate tints of grey
From the amber spills on the sky

The moon smiles in its last appearance
On me and the fading shades of night
To-day with promises
Till the eyes shut to open realms of dreams

Waiting for

Dawn to creak open, yet again
When the tall plants would stand familiar
Welcoming my shadow
Lighting my senses – my sense of being

I am finding a bit of my muse and musings during my morning walk

Verse First ~ Walk in Gratitude


  1. I often find walks very inspiring....good for the body as well as good for the muse!! I enjoyed your walk with you.

  2. Nice morning ......... refreshing my mood and thoughts........ Good one..........

  3. There is a great sense of contentment and exploration in this poem..I love the image of your sneakers and your coat..the fact that the world can be enjoyed alone...lovely piece

  4. nice...i like the detail...the train tracks...i grew up by them so they hold a special place for me...the sound of the train takes me home...enjoyed you walk...i hope you enjoy your bit of the sun as well...

  5. I am sorry, but this is to lofty for me. But of course you point out something essential, telling us we answer to the weather. In Norway, in fact, the word "being" and "weather" has the same root.

  6. The railway track made this walk even more pleasurable...Lovely!

  7. I love the idea of collating color - wow what a great visual
    You did an excellent job of depicting for us a moment in your world


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