Sunday, November 24, 2013


Naked feet
Tiptoeing to grow
A few centimeters
By the ticking clock
Live to learn
 Trapped in slippers
Of knitted dreams
Step by step
Finding platforms
For heels to peep
over the railing
Life walks on a ramp
Carrying baggage
on stiletoes
Mirroring perceived faces


Strands of grey hair
Rummage through falsies
Gathered over calendars
Flip to reveal
Pretentious dwellings

Now my calf muscles
Tap to chirpings
Capturing moments
For every breathe
On the sands of time
Regardless of footwear

Having a family gathering this weekend and have put down some stray thoughts for Calendar Guys and Gals–dVerse Poetics
Will walk in later to catch up with others on the trail.


  1. smiles...i prefer barefoot any time... love the calf muscles tapping to chirpings... the sand of it breathes... but yeah... carrying baggage on stiletos has its own spell as well sometimes...

  2. Oh as a man the life through the type of footwear sounds so strange... still prefer sneakers. :-) My wife hat high-heals and almost never wear them.. But I guess someday it will be slippers for me...

  3. we change over time...i would def take barefoot...but dropping the pretense....the need for falsies and just impressing others...there is a freedom when that is a shame it comes so late in life for us...

  4. Oh I would take bare feet any opposed to stilletoes. I am all for being natural and unpretentious with footwear and much else.

  5. I prefer barefeet also....and time marches on...probably best to wear boots for all the 'stuff' we have to go through...nice

  6. I'm smiling, too. I lost the stilettos years ago. My preference is my Saucony's but they don't go well with nice stuff. I enjoyed where you took the prompt.

  7. this was a fine progression and wise ending...

  8. enjoyed your journey through time portrayed here..

  9. though i am not a stiletto gal myself.. prefer the flattest ones available..

  10. Really enjoyed your progression. Your reference to baggage was so true. Calves twitching as age is unstoppable. I still find heels of most types (maybe a little lower sometimes) soothe my calves more than athletic wear or flats. Probably past the age of grandmas, I do not care what people say. As long as I am cozy.

  11. Ha! Very funny-- I myself like Lady in Read have always worn flats, but I appreciate the progression here. Thanks. Hope you had a nice weekend. k.


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