Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dawn wakes up
To a surreal quietness
Chirping to the gentle wind
Ready to unfurl the 66 year old tricolor
Marching to glorify the unsung heroes

Dawn wakes up
To slip into a slumber
In rugged palms of tender juvenile
Caged to serve the constitution of my freedom

It is 66 years since India got her Independence (15 August, 1947) and we still have much more to achieve in the spirit of it. This is perhaps, just a small tidbit.


  1. really like the first one...the gentleness that leads into the pride for unsung heroes....the second i need to ponder the last 2 lines a bit...the caged to feed the constitution....

  2. Intrigued by the poetic sense of Dawn being a living breathing entity and not just a part of the day. Loved the imagery and the part of it being caged through the young palms caught my attention and made me stop to think. Happy Independence Day!

  3. Very lovely, both verses, and it is good to contemplate India's independence. Beautiful, Akila.

  4. Nicely done, Akila...Just a little change here and there can make such an impact! Beautiful...

  5. ...beautiful Akila... i can feel your heart & passion from these two beautiful treats... here it's been 115 years since we've been freed from slavery... but the marks of colonization still remains in so many aspects... i myself was a living proof having to carry some spanish blood that once occupied our land... smiles...enjoyed this...

  6. Proud to be Indian. Jai Hind. I remember the tiranga flying high.
    Very nice.

    Suzy at Reflections of my soul


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