Sunday, July 28, 2013


A family meal in a quiet restaurant
Serves an ambiance
Under a showering sky in slumber
Leaving puddles to dry, for hopping heels
Greeting a ravenous appetite and
A diaphanous glimpse
Of pockets breathing on a moment’s bestowal of a morsel
Exposing a burgeoning polarity
In the teeming crowds bathing in the light
Scavenging in a demeanor
Befitting their educated senses
Born in respectable definitions of a cultured stature
Taught to thank Him for liberation
From abject shadows clouding
Being and becoming of life.

Flooded, desperate
Diving for my seat in belonging
In disparate happenstances of destiny
I float, leading my child through a whirlpool
Bequeathed with the ‘blessings’
Of living in known ignorance
Of ironical co-existences

Sharing this piece carrying tidbits of Water, Water Everywhere (Surely There’s a Poem There) running at the dverse where ManicDdaily a.k.a. Karen tends the bar.


  1. whata journey that is there in the last bit...and that is the parent you know...we guide them through those waters...its an important role...nice job taking the ordinary and elevating it a bit in this...

  2. ambiance...demeanor... belonging... a journey indeed...and it's not always easy to guide them through the whirls and waves at times.. but it's good to see them swimming and finding their way finally

  3. We all have to let children be on their own and our guidance is always there for them.

  4. We wade into the stream, hoping to reach the other side with everyone and everything reasonably intact. It's a frightening thing this raising children. No do overs either!

  5. Of living in known ignorance
    Of ironical co-existences

    I'm not even sure I can navigate these things yet. Nice work.

  6. Family meals in restaurants sometimes are rather 'trying,' especially when children are young.

  7. so much water in this. I equate water with both life and emotions. You've gathered both here.

  8. Having worked in restaurants for far too many years, I wish I'd had the "blessings of known ignorance..." or perhaps the blessings of ignorance, because once the "ironical co-existences" (of the many kind) are KNOWN, it is oft about as easy to ignore as it is to unring a bell.

    Fun read! Thanks, Jason

  9. Wonderful that you can get through the difficult parts--flood - to a whirlpool, but still somehow calmer feeling -


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