Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I remember
The red, blue, yellow, orange pieces
Interlocking Squares and rectangles
Stacked into miniatures
Of my imagination.

I remember
The plates, spoons and cups
The spatula, knives and vessels
Stirring a cuisine sans a flame and ingredients
Flavoured with innocence.

I remember
The more the merrier
Dividing a room into corners
One for each - Mamma, baby, papa
In a baby cot – dump yard – huddled fun
A haven for tingling bells of laughter

I remember
The solitary reaper in a world of toys
Hands busy piling, joining, occasionally breaking
The head inventing tunes
Eyes darting and diving
Ears pricked for the environment
Multi-directional coherence
Savors the moment.

I remember
Talking tall, standing tall
Learning forgiveness and sharing
To forget, recall, forget
Parrot  words and lessons.

I remember
Knowing no sense of time
Everything could wait eternally
Simple reasons found a friend in ‘because’
Droopy eyes were held wide open
Shut to find events seeping in through
Talk, walk, cry, and laugh in slumber, sound

I am fed now with such bits and pieces
By a dotty and her girl gang
Such bits and pieces…
Painting life and living
Myriad hues sprinkle fragrances
Assimilated within the deep echelons

I hope to remember
When my fledgling flies away
For I recall none of my own
Moments of such bliss
Remain ephemeral memories.


Verse First ~ I Remember prompted by KIM NELSON at Poets United


  1. I love Knowing no sense of time - what a wonderful line, days that last forever. Wonderful

  2. Wonderful memories - I remember those days with no sense of time, now they fly by always needing one more hour!

  3. This was a delightful read. I enjoyed your reliving of your own childhood in seeing your dotty living hers. Richly felt!

  4. I think having a child of your own helps you remember what your own childhood was like...and to appreciate that time EVEN more! Loved your memories.

  5. A beautiful poem. It were filled with a wide array of emotions. I could picture what you wrote and that is what good writers make you do. Great going Akila. God bless. :)

  6. Lovely........ As usual ............. AKila

  7. I like the pace of this read and the memories it shares

  8. I hope you remember the life of your fledgling too so that you can fill in the colors and sounds for her when she needs to remember

  9. Akila, this poem gets better every time I read it. Very competently constructed and the repetition works so well. The sentiment is endearing and you ended with a touch of synesthesia.
    Also: thank you for your well-considered and kind comments on my posts.

  10. I too have read and reread, recalling a sense of time and space I had forgotten. Bless you. I wish I had written this poem with its colors and corners and solitary reaper and imagination. "The friend in because" is the best .... I am adding this poem to my file: poems I cannot live without.

  11. Akila, this is beautiful. I had not an inkling that you were not speaking of your own past until you mentioned your little one... You are the mother who pays attention, for how else could you have such a distinct memory of her growing up? GOOD ON YOU! Peace, Amy


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