Saturday, June 1, 2013

MAKING OF A POETRY UNDER THE SHOWER - a forbidden fruit / not my cup of tea

Cumin seeds crackle in oil
Sputtering alphabets  

Fighting in the frame of thoughts
Random, jigsaw
English(ed) thoughts walk in –
Grammatically in a drama of verses

The spatula whips the assortment in turmeric
Need to sauté them

Hands push for a quick wrap up
Waiting to gather the new menu

Wind up at the workstation (for the tummy) runs

Beads of sweat shine
Patience pays pearls of inspiration!

Breathing rhythms a relief, finally

Wash and wipe my fingers dry of spices
To dabble in new flavours

Feet hurry to be warmed
Within four walls hosting an exhaust
For tumbling words and pongs
Flush!!! I would drain the excesses
Froth up emotions
Blow the bubbles to fly, break into fragrances
Drain the dust in water
Droplets trickling on my skin
Some stay back, absorb me naked
The spout would wrap the bundle on my head
Seeping through the pate
Culminating into a palpable form … soon…

 “Mummaa!!” Bangs the door
(Come out, come NOW to me, I won’t say shame, shame)
Intimidates the Queen of my clocked humdrum
Stalking me (lovingly) for little over three years now

I gather my vocabulary
Draping myself appropriately
And rush to the call….!!....
(Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!)


Poetics– Bathroom poetry where Claudia tends the bar. Well, I don't get to drift under the shower, lest dotty dear breaks open.
 I did contemplate, though, on a 'wishful' larger scenario under the shower couple of weeks back when Tony Maud tended the bar with Terza Rima.




  1. how you start this with crackling cumin seeds...i love indian food..and all the spices you weave in between the cooking, kids, showering and writing poetry...just like life...full and with a big variety of tastes...ha...i like...smiles

  2. There definitely is no rest for a 'MUMMAA" of a three-year-old; but it is all worth it, isn't it?

  3. I like how you are thinking of so many things (food/menu) while you are in the bathroom ~ Life is a whirl of activities when you have an energetic toddler, smiles ~

  4. sigh sigh never stops...smiles...i really like how you ease into this and start with the cooking, just one of the chores that is never the smells of it though...and it gives the feel too of life...

  5. Sounds like the showering is no real time rest and recover... Sounds like an intense life ;-) and in the end it's too little time to spend there,

  6. I love the textures, spices, the interweaving with some interesting and inspired word pairings and phrasing. This was fun and the ending perfect--the wake-up call ends it all--but you take the disturbance well and "appropriately." Really enjoyed this!!!

  7. what goes in in the kitchen, comes out in the bathroom

    high tech toilet power

  8. Love the somewhat random stream of consciousness in this...which is exactly what happens in the shower, eh? Nicly done.

  9. Mom has to be alert and everywhere when needed. A 3-yr-old can be a hard task master. Wonderful take Akila!


  10. This has just wonderful energy. I especially love the cumin seeds popping all over the place. k.


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