Friday, June 28, 2013


I meander under the fear of unknown
Capable of a catharsis
Dissecting my strengths and softness
Revealing the power of me in me, yet
My resolves weaken
Measuring every step to be taken, yet
My feet tremble
Fleeting thoughts sense direction
Factoring the inevitable
Providing, cushioning
Desperation surmounts
Filtered by notions, self and borrowed
Chained down with perceptions
I trudge in apprehensions
Excusing to pretend and otherwise
Under figments of imaginary fears
I know! I know!
I wish too
To be a wobbling toddler again
In blissful ignorance of a fall
Thud!... Stand up to cheers
Step by step, giggle toothless
Before the sprint
I know! I know! of course!
Of the laws of natural progression, yet
I plead guilty masked in the adulthood of ignorance.

Verse First ~ Omniscience at Poets United, prompted by Kim.


  1. Delightful - I love the parallel with the toddler so fearless and unaware of the steps (and falls)ahead

  2. We all wish be q toddler nice

  3. Yes Ma'am! "I plead guilty masked in the adulthood of ignorance."
    The truth of it all is stated in that line

    Note: I strive to become one of the "unknowing"...because knowledge brings me NOT to the humility I so adnire and respect in SOME others. Well...a few? --grin!

    Knowledge urges me to that pride I do not deserve, which in the past, expressed itself in prideful arrogance. I HAVE been those places, and reached a turning point.

    Traveling back up that mountain now, to such a place of peace that is THE result of "not expecting myself to KNOW things". Even choosing what to buy, where to go, what to eat (daily) becomes as simple as choosing in which rocking chair (I'm old!) in which to sit.

    Bad habit, writing LOOONG comments--too late to change--bottom line IS...I really REALLY like your writing. Thank you.


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