Saturday, June 15, 2013


Braided emotions sew
A cosy nest of maternal warmth
Life cuddles in bliss
A blessing for the womb.

Enticed eyes sip
Passions from lovers breathe
Shies away from touch
Detouring not from fragrant embrace
Of love blooming in silence.

Annealed bond fostered in vows
Waddling through a meandering humdrum
Senses pain wrapped in sensitivities
Offers solace in cocooned comfort of a smile.

Unparalleled hope
Propelling the spirit of life
Rise above conflagrating mayhem
Ruffle the pages of destiny
Beckon to gather and walk again.

Toddling laughter
Pours a caricature of thoughts
Random titbits learnt and imbibed
Displaying traits from a familiar gene pool
Pride shines in parenting happiness.

Yodelling notes of life
Envelopes substance in minute forms
Congregating memories from the first second
Of becoming to be
Painting the canvas, to live and reflect
Long beyond the calling of the grave.

Poetics: Beauty Is Everywhere. at the dVerse lounge where Fred has us exploring beauty. I am little taken over by experimenting with acrostics in my own way.


  1. very nice long from acrostic...i like all the 'hugging' words...enveloping, solaced, coccoon, embrace, cozy nest...all warm...the first stanza, the B is very inviting...i like the use of yodeling as well...ha....full of life, i like it...smiles.

  2. nice..when all the first letters spell beauty altogether...smiles...loved the Yodelling notes of life.. so much joy and warmth in this

  3. very cool, love the acrostic, works so, so well. thanks for the excellent read.

  4. Brian spoke my thoughts. I linked it all with maternity, finally, after reading a few times, trying to understand what drew me so totally into this impressionistic poem. Maternity, feelings from womb and back, painting the canvas that will live beyond. Magnetic!

  5. I like your presentation... it's like a stanza acrostic.

  6. Whew, like your stanza acrostic ~ I would never have thought of toddling and yodelling ~ Smiles ~

  7. What a nice way to present it ... and I like the cycle of life images ... well done

  8. "Ruffle the pages of destiny
    Beckon to gather and walk again."
    loved these lines... very beautiful poem

  9. Acrostics are fun and I like how you've used it at the beginning of each stanza. The last stanza is my favorite.

  10. ...pages of destiny I hope... Great acrostic. Forgot about those.

  11. Fascinated by the "Yodelling notes of life"!

  12. from womb to grave ... life is a canvas - it's up to us to decide what colors we want. :)

  13. So much in this acrostic...I feel its celebration of life."Yodelling notes of life" Love brings the thought of life echoing with joy


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