Monday, June 17, 2013


A stranger gestures a bundled infantile
Doodling with names, novel,
To pet and pamper
Tug, hold, cradle
In the spirit of the umbilical chord
The gene pool calls out
From the colour of the eyes
To the dainty walk
Quaint toddling signs
Extend to proliferating demeanour
Of recognisable similarity
Sense of déjà vu dwells
Spilling over tales recalled
Collected to rejoice
Over the gentle motions of the clock

The little girl bridges, step by step
Into the arms, enveloped in his heart
Christened ‘daddy’, standing odd
Against the odds of this journey

Gifts travelling into her lap
Side-lined by the hugs and kisses
Rained on his return
Rejuvenate him in the 9 to 5 humdrum
Cherished treasures pile up
One by one
Of daddy-dotty games, fights
And tears held in the corner
For fears, profound and silly
Wonder who the child here is!?!
Walks through the tender years
Long beyond the first day to school
Through the journey of teens
When sharing become seldom
On the first tryst of adulthood
And many more till the bones ache…

'Once a daddy, always a daddy'
Idolized by his ‘little girl’
Stolen secretly into womanhood
Carried into motherhood
Rejoicing her own angel’s laughter
Fostered in friendship with her daddy,
Blooming in secured senses
Of a safe, selfless love
Awakening her memories
Unlocking wisdom
Kept alive through the ripples of time

Life comes in a full circle
The heart conceals,
Echoing the essence of the nuances
Passed on by the hands
That toiled to colour dreams
Tossed high to catch innocent squeals
Promised, along and with the womb
To stand to be as even as his name – Father.

“We never know the love of parents till we become parents ourselves.” - Henry Ward Beecher.


It's Father's Day in the Poetry Pantry!

Also shared with Open Link Monday at IGRT.


  1. smiles...yes we are always a dad or mom...age does not change that, or the heart we have or feel toward our kids...

  2. You give the entire cycle here image by image, a powerful journey. The repetition of "Daddy" works like a magnet. (In your first line, I think you want "infant" instead.)

  3. An excellent write! You traveled that whole path, worded beautifully :-)

  4. So glad you linked this, Akila. I especially like how you wove the generations, showed the influence of your parents on your own parenting. Beautiful.

  5. This is truly a wonderful write, Akila. As I read, I was thinking "full circle", then came upon your line.......this is a happy tale of parenting, a legacy of love down the generations.

  6. Very charming with very cute wordplay also. This is Karin of Manicddaily, but blogger wants me to stick with d blogger account. K.

  7. This is a lovely piece to commemorate Father's Day.

  8. Very true, and a lovely tribute.

  9. Such a loving tribute to a father! Beautiful!My Heart is Beating with Wishes


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