Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TO BEGIN... - random thoughts

I wait for a beginning

Pieces lay scattered

Of my thoughts perhaps, waiting to be sewn

Into a coherent flow

Hoping to define my motives

Refining the tasks to be chosen

To act upon in priority

Demand pressing on my time by the one seeking to rule it

Round the clock, unfettered attention

Increasingly drawing me into doubting my sense of being

Attending to means and wants

A robot, nevertheless, with a heart

Beating to drum the sticks in hand

Toes thumping to the tune

Juggling, gazing at the list

A collage of work and wishes

Colliding and colluding

The grass is greener the other side, said someone

I wonder… to begin…

I was not planning to write anything till Kerry's challenge at IGRT prompted me to just let out that seems to be ruling my mind now. Yep, a typical day of being caught between what to do and what not to do? The prompt requires me not to let out my real state of mind and perhaps, it is the best way to handle it. Ah! Had it not been for these prompts and platforms.....

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  1. Of my thoughts perhaps, waiting to be sewn - this is how my thoughts feel mosts days!

  2. Phew.......this is what I feel everyday when iget up!!!

  3. Ah, 'a collage of work and wishes' --- I like that! And the task is, how to merge them together. Smiles!

  4. ha. its easy to think the grass is greener but i imagine the other person has a list as well with just as many things that we never see...def always things to do spinning...i like the use of the beating drum in this...

  5. I like looking at the collage of words and wishes and wondering what next ~

    I am still waiting to begin this challenge ~

  6. You have achieved a fine stream of consciousness in which the concerns and doubts of the observer are shared.

  7. That's exactly how I feel this morning!

  8. I have often had those kinds of days!

  9. I love the idea/expression of sewing thoughts together in some coherent thread. Nicely done.

  10. You write so well of the writing process when the flow does not seem to be there. Lovely choice of words for your prelude!

  11. I know this feeling of where to go, what to do. You sketch it well.

  12. I have had these days when my pen can't write for the muddle in my mind...great write!

  13. Akila, I love how you let it all flow from your essence, and still left us with the prompt's call for a "prelude." This is very good in the way that sculpture is good: Solid, well-formed, and interesting. Amy

  14. Lovely stream of consciousness. So true, life is full of responsibilities while we try to achieve our dreams. A collage of work and wishes ... well said.

  15. I love how you did this and I could feel my own thoughts go to this form. I love this line:

    " A collage of work and wishes

    Colliding and colluding"

    This feels like my days lately, as I try to figure out how my creative self is going to work around the long 'to do list'!

  16. I used to battle the clock and demands of others. I made major changes and although money is tight, I don't have the tick-tock stress. Well written.


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