Thursday, May 9, 2013


Written to complete the prelude that set me thinking at IGRT last week and fuelled at Poets United. Thank you Kerry for prompting me. Sharing my haven of love and peace with the prelude below.

Gathering the jigsaw pieces,
Voids created by time and demand
Ruled by sacrosanct deadlines
Where dreams, ambitions and reality collide
Taking to task the numerous roles in me,
I seek to shadow my flurried brows
In a getaway virtual world,
Time and again
Prompted by a thought, I pacify my rant
Verses tumble and fall
Figments fill in the missing pieces
Decorating my window
One by one, we find each other
Anointed with a chuckle, childlike
The inevitable awaits me
Begin I must, to balance
 I know...
Success and failure are relative, flip, move on
They do not define me.

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Verse First ~ Poetry Heals

This piece sums up my thoughts that pester me while juggling home and work especially around my three year old. For now, nothing seems more challenging than this. This one stemmed from the random thoughts that I penned yesterday. Thank you Kim! for this wonderful prompt and to Kerry who prompted it at IGRT yesterday. I am at peace today. I am re-posting the random thoughts here that set the prelude to the above piece.

Pieces lay scattered
Of my thoughts perhaps, waiting to be sewn
Into a coherent flow
Hoping to define my motives
Refining the tasks to be chosen
To act upon in priority
Demand pressing on my time by the one seeking to rule it
Round the clock, unfettered attention
Increasingly drawing me into doubting my sense of being
Attending to means and wants
A robot, nevertheless, with a heart
Beating to drum the sticks in hand
Toes thumping to the tune
Juggling, gazing at the list
A collage of work and wishes
Colliding and colluding
The grass is greener the other side, said someone
I wonder… to begin…


  1. Nicely done...... Yes we have to do so much balancing act.

  2. great work with the prompt, and some cool wordplay - well done

  3. I find the same frustration between work and writing, there is just never enough time.

  4. Balance has never been my strong point, I have always tended to extremes. Writing is a wonderful outlet for those powerful emotions, better the pen than the knife. Writing keeps me sane even if it frustrates. Fantastic piece!

  5. Life does become about balancing all the demands in a day. Once I feel like I've found a way to keep the balance, something changes!

  6. Life definitely does seem to balance itself out if we allow it to do so. Success, failure, and experiences in between. But you are right, experiences do NOT define a person.

  7. I vividly remember these feelings as a young have written so eloquently about those emotions. My daughter is in college now, but you brought it all back with your powerful words! Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

  8. Pieces lay scattered - Excellent line to start and it really carries through the whole poem. Really nicely written.

  9. Lovely poem, love your wording.

  10. it is indeed, 'profoundly' beautiful, akila!!..very easy to relate. :)

  11. Always the seeking of some sense of balance. Your piece is well thought out and executed and filled with imagery and emotions we can all relate to. Thank you,


  12. The business of writing can be miserable and joyous and never the two shall seem to meet.

  13. you're really capturing the writing balance, well done

  14. words flow like cheese... beautiful...

  15. Figments fill in the missing pieces

    Where would we be without imagination to fill the gaps? :)

  16. I'm very happy to know that you were inspired to continue with your prelude. You must be very pleased with the end result of this poetic thought process.

  17. I am so glad I came back to read again. Details, fragments, came together into a cohesive whole. Lovely, at that.

  18. Akila, this was good writing, as always. The two poems seemed to comingle in the struggle for time, for inspiration... and the prelude was very, very nice. Amy

  19. I can just see your computer antics with this bit, as iterated here:
    " ... Prompted by a thought,
    I pacify my rant

    Verses tumble and fall
    Figments fill in the missing pieces
    Decorating my window
    ... "

    How did we do this juggling work before computers?
    Especially when writing poetry.

    My daughter doesn't write poetry but she juggles numbers.
    Also in her spare time she manages a three year old like you do.


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