Thursday, March 14, 2013


You are graced
Chosen to live the elite - human
So am I...supposedly…

You are blessed
With five senses to embrace
The fruits of life and living
So am I...apparently…

We seem like two sides of a coin
Conjoining to seed and germinate life


I remain mirrored
By your perceptions

Revered as Parvathi* for benevolence
Ordained as Sita* to prove my chastity

Worshipped as Shakthi* , an epitome of valour
Immolated as Sati* to prove my loyalty

You walk free
Of mythological insinuations
Religious placations
Saved of even historical connotations

And I
I remain a figurine
Time immemorial
Hugged by a demeanour
To tread carefully on your caprices
Bequeathed on me


Am I mistaken?
Reading the facts

Am I disillusioned?
Deciphering the truth

Am I unreasonable?
In asking you to see me
As me, myself, sans myriad forms
A WOMAN of substance
Chosen and blessed, equally

*Parvathi, Sita and Shakthi are the three facets of Goddess in the Hindu religion. They symbolise, according to me, patience, pain and power; three virtues that, I believe, define womanhood. However, their glory is sadly restricted only to mythological stories and epics, diluted in today’s parlance, like Sati, unfortunately, was the name chosen for a ritual where a widow had to immolate herself on the pyre of her husband. Although eradicated, it does make an appearance in one of those remote corners where life is a far cry from living.

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  1. You make incredibly valid points that folks of which other cultures are not always aware. I am so glad you shared this perspective, and did it in such an easy-to-read, relatable fashion. Nice work.

  2. Very thoughtful and powerful.
    Throughout most of human history
    life has not been kind to women.


  3. You have, in a quite pressing manner, expressed your voice through this poem Akhila. Beautifully written :)

  4. Hard for me to imagine how hard women had (have) it elsewhere. Nice light shed on a world I know little about

  5. Ah, a soul-stirring poem!Immaculate, Akila.

  6. This was most interesting to read - I love the statement the poem makes, and also was really intrigued by your process notes. I love poems that reveal other cultures and make me more aware. Thank you for this.

  7. Love this poem and the perspective of another culture. Superb!

  8. Akila, would you please email me at ? I have something to ask you :-)

  9. I enjoyed this poem, Akila. It gave me a window into your culture that I would not have otherwise had! Poetry is good for this, isn't it? Smiles.

  10. This is beautifully written. Thank you.


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