Sunday, March 17, 2013


(Pic borrowed from net)
Myriad hues of green

Rise and shine
At the kiss of dawn
Swaying to the breeze
Absorbing light, and much more
Harvesting fruits
Hosting blooming blossoms
Delighting the bees, birds, butterflies
They live and breathe to give
Only to give
Love and fruits of love
Only to be loved, perhaps, in return
Nothing more
They lay in wait, patient
Breaking into a glee, exclaim!
Followed by a silent laughter
For keen ears, to follow
Enters the gardener!
He walks in, dainty, on toes, sometimes
Sporting a million dollar smile
Giggling, chatting away to glory
They respond
Shaking the water off them
Sprinkling a few drops on him
Playing till soaked wet in happiness
So innocent, selfless
So akin them…Green in spirit!
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  1. Visiting here from both dVerse and from Poetry Pantry: I enjoyed this very much. I liked the idea of the gardner being akin to his blooms. Clever. Both green in spirit. Love it.

  2. Agree with Mary. Super sweet poem. Thanks so much for participating. k.

  3. ah are awesome...i love their greeness of spirit and innocence...soaked wet in happiness...i like that too...smiles...of course gardening as well, there is just something about putting your hands in the earth and creating...

  4. oh nice...super sweet indeed...sounds like they have so much fun... thanks for the smile

  5. How sweet poetry.. Barfoot in grass... I so long for that

  6. awww...So lovely, 'green in spirit'! Loved this!

  7. What a delight this is to read - and the photo is adorable. I believe it is true, plants can hear us and respond to our positive vibrations, shrink from the harsh or negative. How they must delight in child gardeners, so pure of heart! Loved this.

  8. I had a strong feeling of nostalgia reading this. It gave me such warm and happy feelings.

  9. ...a wonderful piece Akila... this is just very inspiring & sweet to read.. no more need for further long as we felt it already it's enough... great job... smiles...

  10. yes, a warm and lovely write. :)

  11. love the last line too... green in spirit... beautiful!

  12. Green in Spirit!!! You've described me. Wonderful poem!

  13. this is wonderfully active and full of life. so very Green. I loved it!

  14. Lovely use of imagery and alliteration in this one.


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