Sunday, March 3, 2013


My dear angel,

I wonder!
when you scamper hither - thither
with your 'little girl' gang
In sync with rhythmic anklets
Squealing over sweet nothings
Let out not a cry, nor a whimper, but
Flood barrels of tears
Fight and forget, forget and fight
Spin toddling tales...
Your blissful world
sees a toy in every object
a game in every act
a story in every word
A welcome Midas! touch.

Your laugher resounds
Scared of nothing...
tinkling bells of blissful ignorance, of
lust, exploitation, betrayal
Ruling under the garb of faith
Unleashing horror in the open
sometimes in safe havens, where
Trusted brethren become brutal

I wish not to think
Not in denial, but

Your bountiful innocence
Sparkles life
Safe, hopefully
From becoming a victim
Of a spectacle of stony silences
Feasting on shame.
I worry

Pondering over words and emotions
To nurture you, my dear
In this mêlée.

I have nothing, but trust in my garden
Where you will be reared to blossom
To think, choose, opine

Responsibly, capably, fearlessly
Be graced with respect
Seen as an equal, unconditionally.
When the hop, skip and jump
Would break into a flight
To rise and shine
May you breathe freedom
Sans worry of the clock
Freedom not defined by wardrobe
Nor by demeanour, but
To live!


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  1. I like the letter from the mother to the daughter ~ May you continue to rear her to blossom and aspire for her goals ~

    Cheers ~

  2. What a beautiful safe haven your garden is. Every sweet girl and boy deserve such loving, tender raisings.

  3. I read this like a prayer that should go viral. Even if not every woman is a mother, we are all daughters who should/could hear this through your poem if no where else. I like the stanza breakdown for emphasis on the barbaric betrayal of trusted brethren and the melee, but even more for the emphasis on nurture and what this "Garden" can give, does give--even to take with in flight. This is a poem that accepts the letting go.

  4. I love the sense of freedom and bliss in the words, the joy of life

  5. A beautiful write, Akila. We live in sad times indeed when every mother lives in fear for her daughter's safety - not from accidents or mishaps, but from attack and exploitation. Your garden is where every girl should grow up to be confident, opinionated, self-assured women with a healthy sense of reality.

    Some important lessons to be learnt here on empowering the girl-child.

  6. This is a treasure really. It is written with such mother love for a daughter and expresses so well the wishes a mother has as she thinks about the time when she will be on her own. Safety, Freedom, Respect, etc.

  7. how beautiful and frightening, both. i want my children (my girl and my boy) to never be spoiled by violence, for all of our children to thrive. thank you for writing this.

  8. What a beautiful letter. So sad we have to have fear for our children, but within your piece there is the celebration of the beauty of childhood. There is fear yet there is hope. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Yes what a beautiful letter. A letter I would read to my own daughters.

  10. As an Indian woman, you write a powerful piece from a powerful perspective. I applaud this one!

  11. Superb letter!!! Freedom sans wardrobe - a great thought

  12. Beautiful...any mother would love to read out this letter to her daughter!♥

  13. Such a wonderful thought, truly brought out the entire spectrum of emotions of a mother's heart for her daughter.Moreover you have merged in the shades of empowering a girl child too..I so loved it gal..and truly I too need to learn so many things from you..Kudos !!keep writing

  14. nice...written with such tenderness...really speaks of a very good mother/daughter relationship and i like the trust and hope and encouragment

  15. All women are mothers... by nature we nurture - and we do that even if we don't physically give birth. Single woman can be such powerful role models, and of course, as your poem depicts, a mother's voice to her daughters.

    "not defined by wardrobe" very nice.

    But from the safe garden she must fly...

  16. This is so moving, the prayer of mothers' hearts everywhere - that their precious daughters may blossom and not experience the pain we have. Very lovely writing. Akila, I dont have an email address for you. Would you please email me at Thanks, kiddo.


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