Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Delhi Rape case continues to remain and haunt us, as if setting a backdrop when i see my three year old dotty dear play with her friends.....

I wonder!

At the bundles of energy
Scampering hither - thither
In sync with rhythmic anklets
Eyes twinkle, sighting friends
Culminate into a ‘bear’ hug
To break into laughter
Over sweet nothings
To flood barrels of tears
When they fight and forget, to
Again fight and forget
Expressions galore! are showcased
Toddling tales are spun
Bountiful innocence
A smile that would run a mile
All - encompassing
A welcome Midas touch!

The flowery-frocks diffuse in unison
To play baby, mamma, papa
They huddle in a corner
Dishing out colourful masterpieces
Spit and squeeze their love
Over oranges and strawberries
Bubbling jellies
Ready with a ‘say cheese’
Buzzing butterflies!

I worry

Trail of thoughts
Raise questions on trust

Pondering over words and emotions
To nurture my darlings
In this mêlée, of
Customary societal norms vs. evolving times.

How do I tell my tiny tots?
to cast aside dolls and toys 
Pranks no longer remain their forte
Lessons for life begin now, about
A ’dirty’ touch
Stalking eyes
A portentous pounce.

I hope and pray
The hop, skip and jump
Would soon break into a flight
To think, choose, opine
Responsibly, capably
Rise and shine
Graced with respect
Unconditionally equal
Sans worry of the clock
To breathe freedom
Not defined by wardrobe
Nor by demeanour, but
To live!


  1. Novel!! Your page looks perfect now..Congo!
    Lovely poem... inspiring– filled with hope for tomorrow. Keep it up!

    1. :) Panchali Di!! thanks u!! yep! hope is all that Ihave and I woudl keep it close tro my heart for the tiny tots!


  2. Love it! Mirrors what most parents would feel I guess. I hope too. Amen to every word you said :)
    The blog looks super cool btw!

    1. Divya! yep you ll see them too...!! and its fun!! yeah! amen!

      ah! finally the page is worth a look!:)


  3. That's a beautiful and meaningful poem Akila

    I wish not to think
    Not in denial, but


    To breathe freedom
    Freedom not defined by wardrobe
    Nor by demeanour, but
    To live!

    are some lines which I liked more than the others ---a very meaning ful poem Akila ---saying that again because I mean it

  4. Perfectly showcases a mother's fear and anxiety at this point of time....was really sad when i read the last but one verse...when there are oceans of knowledge to share and teach, what are we forced to teach that to, to such tiny tots :(

    1. Sowmya

      Agree. There is an alrming rise in such incidents or i wonder is it that they are all getting reported now. Either way, it is scary.



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