Sunday, December 30, 2012

WEEKLY WHIMPERS! - a crazy take on a week...

Amidst a bustling crowd in a mad, busy town,
There lives a man, wearing a special crown,
Forgot the day did you? , then look for Timer Seconds,
He would say it all, in its glorified essence.

Trrrrriiinnnggggg…. goes the morning buzz at six,
“Do I need to wake up?” Timer is in a fix,
YES and NO battle as a week ahead waits,
The maker of the clock, Timer utterly hates.
Puffy eyes and sunken cheeks drive him to grouse,
When greetings come pouring, as he steps out of his house,
A reply in “fine” finds his nose growing long,
MONDAY MOODS leave Timer dazed and forlorn.

The next day brings relief for the clock,
Until next week, it won’t face the sock,
The battle to do or not continues,
As Timer still juggles with Monday hues,
Reminders at work push him onto the floor,
He avoids all confrontation outside his door,
The day greets him with sessions of mending,
TUESDAY TANTRUMS teach Timer “For this day leave no pending”.

The new day arrives in brisk, ushering energy,
Sound principles are chanted laying off lethargy,
High spirits rule the once sullen and crabby,
As chubby dimpled cheeks smile like a baby,
A beaming wish waits to greet familiar eyes,
Many an eyebrow rise in awe and surprise!
Bright sunny day is accompanied by thunders,
As Timer find perfection in WEDNESDAY WONDERS.

Enthusiasm and excitement spill over the next ray,
Broad smiles cross the mile hauled the previous day,
Ideals are sung, idols are worshipped,
As all the loose ends are tightly clipped,
A handshake, a light pat add to the exuberance,
“A charming personality!” wonder first time audience,
A cheerful thought hides behind the frills,
as Timer enjoys the THURSDAY THRILLS.

Trrrinnnggg…!! Is it the alarm or a nightingale?
Timer lays afloat in his cherished trail,
The activity scale point normal from frenzy,
His calm, soothing voice make friends go dizzy,
His saintly smile act as a true guardian,
“What a peace loving man!” remarked a Gandhian,
Eagerly waiting to fire his gun,
Timer plays through his FRIDAY FUN.

The audio player blazes in the dock,
Metallica, soft melodies to hard rock,
A ‘whacky weekend’ is on the call,
Celebrating through the day till nightfall,
The clock gets to sleep for two whole days,
For a party from Timer, friends run a race,
Hitting the floor are foot tapping music and dance,
The SATURDAY SHOW leaves neighbours in a trance.

A tiring week, an exciting Saturday,
Leaves nothing for the next day,
Long noon naps and regular munch,
Leaves the couch potato with no room for lunch,
A serene silence warms up the maze,
“Is he not in?” enquire people amaze.
End of the week, end of fiesta,
A new beginning!, marks the SUNDAY SIESTA.

Trrrrriiinnnggggg…. goes the morning buzz at six,
“Do I need to wake up?” Timer is in a fix,……………

Folks! Here ends the story of our special man,
Driver of the seven day moody - van,
And if you wish to hit one of his bumpers,
Welcome aboard Timer’s WEEKLY WHIMPERS!


  1. Yeh...Monday blues to next Monday rues, the story goes on. So well written. enjoyed reading it.

    1. Madhvik!

      Glad to have you here Doc! and well it was a crazy take!:) Thank you


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