Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Huffing puffing she wobbles
Catching a breath with every passing day
Swaddling a young blood
Giving more than an ounce of her
Believe it to be the best, now… as of now…
For the one in bliss
Floating in merry.

She whispers love in gentle strokes
Uneasy as the day draws near
She knew, familiar with this journey
Yet…thoughts trail…till
Her five year old breaks the train.

Laughing, excited
She inhales now
Assimilating the twinkle…
Her five year old, a wisp of wind
A tinkering bell of freshness
Growing up, wanting to be like mommy.

She smiles, musing herself as a role model
Still learning her lessons
Patience in actions, bravely penitent where need be
A little of her, somewhere, sprinkled
In that little doe-eyed girl..

Ah! Rewarded!...thoughts trail…till…
Ouch! A hard kick regales her senses
To fall silent…for now…

Huffing and puffing she continues
Catching a breath…
Counting her blessings
Ready to embrace the tribute,
To the mother in her, yet again,
Breathing life in her womb.

(For a dear friend who is expecting her second baby soon!)
Shared with 3WW CCCXXVII: believe, pertinent, tribute


  1. This is a very sweet poem, Akila. Becoming mother is such a special joy. You honored your friend by writing this poem.

  2. ah the joys of motherhood captured well :)

  3. The words handled so well, Akila. A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside...beautiful:)

  4. Smiling with heart full of warmth. Beautiful

  5. ah!! so heart touching and pleasant composition celebrating motherhood.

  6. Yes and i loved the rhythm like the chugging of a little is like that chugging along..stopping at stations to pick up a little knowledge..

  7. Being successfully pregnant was the happiest time of my life, and though I never had a "second course," I can remember those reminders, kind of like, "Hey! It's me! Lemme out of here!" But she came at the right time... on Labor Day. I'm serious.

    There is a mother's sweetness to this poem, the twinkle in the eye of a little boy, and the hope that he will be a good big brother. Lovely, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Peace, Amy


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