Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DREAM CATCHER (inspired by Brooke Shaden)

(Photo Credit: Brooke Shaden; More of her at

You hand me five balloons
drawn on pink paper of dreams

Your teacher has listed:
of your matchless beauty leaving

for me – ‘THEY’ stare back,

...Mother knows best
weaving butterflies of your choice
flitting along your path of dreams
growing with breaths of spring
as you twinkle laughter in insouciant caress
of petal-like cut from the remnants of that pink paper

I wonder what could define you as unique,
bowing down to ticking pauses of seconds
shameful, unable
to spell the names of your colours – 

Mother knows best...

Don’t ‘THEY’ know?

You are an undisguised blessing – gift
wrapped by an umbilical cord
listening to my unheard footsteps,
while I beat the daily noise and
tie your feet in anklets for and of conveniences
often, shadowing them as call of duty

–What do I write about my harvest moon?

Poetics: Passion of Brooke Shaden

Post midnight here (IST). will catch up soon


  1. smiles.
    def there is tension between what the mother sees and what the teacher sees
    and the connections are different...both have their own validity...from their perspective....often for me it is finding where they come together in between for the good of the student...

  2. I like how you describe the way a parent see their child. but I can also understand how hard it can be to penetrate and understand how it's viewed by other.. especially when put down on paper.. I liked the form here... quite unique

  3. I love the what the mother sees and value in the child ~ I am sure it is quite different from what the teacher said ~ Surely a gift beautiful as the harvest moon ~ Good to see you Akila ~

  4. none loves like a mother, this reminded me of the excitement my kids had drawing and then giving them away.

  5. smiles... it's good if we see our kids with eyes of love - a teacher always sees them more neutral and always compares them to other students as well... if we take those two views it surely gives us a bigger picture of our kids and we can help them find their ways in life

  6. ah so well said as a mother.....loved this piece Akila....

  7. I find describing some one you love in words can be quite do you narrow the list down...

    very nicely written.


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