Thursday, March 13, 2014


Early spring-
Rustling leaves blow nascent fragrances
Eluding my alarm to caress the curtains
Goose bumps play with my fingers
Drinking the mellifluous notes
of nocturnes dozing
in dawn’s velvet touch

It trickles down my throat
sip by sip
sifting the morning vacuum
of tangy brooding
I burst tiny bubbles on my tongue
an attempt to assimilate
the whispering ticks of my watch
Wonder how the birds feel the early worm?
Do they feel those silent seconds
drowning in the sky scraped cacophony?

Tiny moist beads
grace my palms
The whiff of ginger enmeshes into
a petrichor- a warmth
to cup my eyelids
an attempt to mellow down their rapid movements
How can I pretend to be blind?

MeetingTheBar: The Blind Poet. Phew! I couldn’t pretend blind anymore! This reminded me of Synaesthesia prompted by Victoria once and I recall how easily I had merged senses with sight!


  1. Falling asleep or awakening, we are prone to try to make sense of sounds, our surroundings are write about this well..probably a good thing to not see ourselves in the mirror so early in the morn, but you ask a good question. ;)

  2. ha. its def not easy...but you were doing well with it...the drinking/feel of it doing down your throat was nicely done...i like your use of language as well...mellifluous and cacphony are cool words....

  3. No easy task to pretend to be blind, but your poem works the other senses very well. I love 'dawn's velvet touch' and 'I burst tiny bubbles on my tongue.'

  4. I love how you used colors & whiff of ginger ~ I like to wake up to the fragrance of spring ~

  5. Sounds like that kind of morning when keeping your eyes shut is too challenging really.

  6. You do a wonderful job of evoking the other senses, though!

  7. Not easy but you did a great job with this! Love your ending. Well done!

  8. it is a great challenge isn't it. unfamiliar ground

  9. I love that moment in the morning when I have time and can play with the idea of opening my eyes, or not, and savor the first seconds. I like how you added the question at the end.

  10. Love the idea of those bubbles imitating ticks of the clock. The early worm probably feels the whole experience more than the bird! (Ha.) thanks for the charming poem. I am smiling at your process notes! K. (Manicddaily)

  11. You did a wonderful job. What a lovely poem with many fragrances ;)

  12. You did a wonderful job. What a lovely poem with many fragrances ;)

  13. nocturnes dozing
    in dawn’s velvet touch.... nice... so much tender music in a morning... you listened well...


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