Friday, October 18, 2013


A germinated hope
Swaying to lush-green tunes
Carrying effervescence in spongy wraps
Of clouds, journeying the sky~
I now gather its withered petals.

Where does one seek retribution?
When warm memories wake up
To bitter darkness of grotesque infliction
Leaving a desiccated spirit


Where does one seek retribution?
Of rampant humiliations
Chained to chauvinistic sacrosanct boundaries
Revealing a pale echo of untold tales of horror

Where does one seek retribution?
Of the savagery that chews life, hollow,
Leaving loved ones burning in the anguish
On the remnants of the bud born of their blood

Mutilated by irreversible perpetration
Ensconced in a cold cocoon
Of unbecoming barbaric skeletons
Where does one seek retribution?


Meeting the Bar: The Beat Poets and their Poetry where Gay’s wonderful article inspires! This piece is a revised version of an earlier piece that I wrote couple of weeks back.


  1. nice repetition, i like how you change the location in the stanza of that line....def nice use of language as well to build the tone...words like mutilated....sacrosanct is a cool word as well...smiles.

  2. In this increasingly hostile world where we grown further apart rather than closer together - I hang on to my warm memories...
    Anna :o]

  3. a germinated hope... intense emotions in this - and the repetition works really well..

  4. Those repetitions and those images of horrific events really creates a most terrific protest but also a lost hope... beaten down really.

  5. Broken promises, broken dreams - I think you capture that need to rail against the world, the universe - the shape of the poem is effective with the repetition in the last four stanzas. Well done.


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