Friday, September 6, 2013


Passages of time
Sifts sand in a minute - upside down
Positions change relatively
Rewinding the pages
To find the original, sans doctrine of notions
Served one by one - as toddling steps evolve steady
One by one - They mound to mold
One by one - Primary shades fade 
Camouflaging with defined patterns of living

Till, the clock birthed nimble fingers of my own blood
Tugging to chain the gown of ‘grown-up' perceptions
To innocence – wishfully timeless!
Her profound giggles defeat the profanity of my compositions

I wonder – Who teaches whom?
I wish not for a time machine but
A breath or two to pause to savour the flavours
Of lessons germinating in my garden today

‘Child is the Father of Man’ – William Wordsworth

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  1. What better guide than a child? You might go any place. ;-)

  2. To see the world through a child's eyes but with an adult's appreciation - if only!

  3. "Her profound giggles defeat the profanity of my compositions"

    smiles - truth!

    ~ M

  4. Lovely! Yes the child, but the layered self too, with all ages intact as well--and we'd really need more than a breath or two to be in the garden with all time of man!

  5. I wonder – Who teaches whom?

    This is a question I have often asked myself.

  6. Love those toddling steps! And the progression thereafter...nicely captured thoughts. :)

  7. I adore the idea of those "profound giggles". Yes, try to slow time down so you can enjoy this precious time!!!!! It goes by way too fast! Trust me, I know these things!

  8. The things that makes us what we are today... this is very thought provoking - good job

  9. "Her profound giggles defeat the profanity of my compositions" Love that...Yes, I do wonder who teaches who. I think at times my daughters taught me more than I taught them.


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