Friday, September 27, 2013


Solitude begins with ………..
Dissecting the hoarding
Into pieces, figments, particles and ………

Steam releases
Into the folds of the wind
Tapping my fingers
Rested on the walls of the cup
Slowly sinking into warmth
Of hibernated thoughts
Channeled midst burger bites and coffee sips
Introspecting my place in the being and belonging
To the crowd bustling for their share
Exchanging crisp notes and smiles
Interspersed with unclear notes of popular melodies
Prompting the feet to tap and sync with the faint rhythm
While fleeting glances engaged in painting surreal pictures
Of innocence feeding on balloons - flying
In blissful ignorance of destined happenstances
Vagaries impede the flow in a bout of questions
Gushing down the throat
Catching the senses of that moment
In assimilation of the surrounding familiar similarities

I share a thought with a few
A story with others
A tell-tale with the kids playing
Delivering monotony with the servers
A breath to inhale
A respite to exhale
Strange seems the concoction
Of strangers uniting in a seamless interaction
Of vibrant chapters built of slices of life
Strangulating the ‘I’ being lonely, though alone
Every journey has a shadow for a company
Solitude has opened a new chapter
Joining the …………

For Verse First~We are Interconnected another wonderful prompt by Kim.


  1. This is a great write, weaving the dailyness with introspection.....I especially love "every journey has a shadow for company".

  2. I really like the details you provide and the connections you elaborate. The mention of the kids, the rhythm of the exhale, the inhale... these poignant lines invite the reader into the family circle.

  3. "Every journey has a shadow for a company"

    Yes, that is beautiful!

  4. I love how you describe the crowd. That really brought the interconnectedness for me. Nice write.

  5. I love the idea of solitude starting with an inspection of the hoarding-- that is such an interesting idea, thanks. K.


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